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January 24, 2014
2 mins

UX Designer

What we do at HackerEarth?

We are building the largest community of programmers from around the world. Today, there is no interesting place where programmers can interact and collaborate with each other, and most importantly do one thing that they absolutely love to do – write code. In the process, we are helping companies hire the right technical talent.

Being passionate programmers ourselves, this is a problem very close to our hearts and hence we are striving to solve it, and for that we need great people to be working with us.

We love good design

We believe that for products to be successful, design is key to each and every decision and it goes hand-in-hand with business and technology. Designers have been intricately involved in our product since the day the idea was just college dorm room project and this has only strengthened over time.

We work on the following philosophies

  • Keep It Simple, Stupid!

  • User is king!

  • Decisions should be data-driven, qualitative to quantitative

  • Collaboration is the key

Roles and responsibilities

As a UX Designer at HackerEarth, you will be involved in

  • Creating workflows, wireframes, and beautifully polished visual mockups for new features and improving existing ones.

  • Working closely with developers to implement your designs.

  • Talking with users on a regular basis and make sure the product is always in tandem with user needs.

  • Owing projects from inception to completion (and beyond), working to define requirements while simultaneously designing for those requirements.

  • Anything else you might wanna take up, we are completely open to ideas.

What we have to offer you?

  • Complete creative freedom at work to experiment with your ideas.

  • Industry comparable salary and equity.

  • Really flexible hours.

  • If you are sick, just stay home.

  • Movie/Gaming night outs.

  • Unlimited supply of chocolates and snacks.

  • Travelling in and around India.

You’re a perfect fit if

  • You love solving problems than presenting deliverables.

  • You are a curious soul and question assumptions.

  • You can communicate your design ideas and draw value out of the feedback.

  • You enjoy collaborating with other teammates (and I am not just talking about designers here).

  • You want to talk to customers.

  • You are comfortable working with short iteration cycles.

Wanna join the crew? Let’s talk!

Just drop a note at contact@hackerearth.com.

We believe in show and tell. Your work tells your story, we’d love to hear it out!
Do include samples of your previous work that you might want to tell us about.

DISCLAIMER: No specific design degree requirements, if you can compensate that through your work


About the Author

Raghu Mohan
Raghu is an engineering grad handles Marketing at HackerEarth. Prior to this, he was an editor at YourStory.com. When he’s not working, you can find him at the nearest music shop having a jam session.
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