IndiaHacks Conference 2017

Highlights of IndiaHacks 2017

Innovation was the focal point of IndiaHacks 2017, the fourth edition of HackerEarth’s country-wide event, conducted in partnership with IBM and Honeywell. The two-day event dedicated to programming was...

Innovation was the focal point of IndiaHacks 2017, the fourth edition of HackerEarth’s country-wide event, conducted in partnership with IBM and Honeywell. The two-day event dedicated to programming was conducted on the 8th and 9th of September 2017 in Bangalore. The two-day event included a hackathon, two online programming challenges, and a tech conference. The event had over 55,000+  registrations with tech talks from some of the most prominent leaders in the IT sector. 

Highlights from IndiaHacks 2017
Highlights of IndiaHacks 2017


The best hacks of the event

45 teams of programmers, designers, and project managers came together to build epic products at the offline hackathon event which had 3 main tracks – Internet of Things, Fintech, and AI.  Submissions were received in areas including smart wearables, smart medical devices, smart driving experience, financial advisory, security, personal finance, blockchain, document life cycle management, recommendation systems, chatbots, and language processing systems.

Here are some of the best hacks of the event:

1) License integrated safety device

The license integrated safety device is a UUID-based vehicle tracking system which addresses the growing need for delivering effective safety, traffic control, and pollution control on roads. The technology can serve as a first responder management service in smart cities.

2) Real-time assistant for badminton players

The real-time assistant is a wearable device that enables players to know their fitness level, and match readiness by analyzing their “smash” profile. This profile has fitness details such as calorie intake, fluid intake, workout before sessions, and performance levels.

3) GPS- and IoT-based soldier tracking and health indication system

The low cost, IoT-based wearable device is equipped with biosensors. The device offers a reliable system to guard the lives of soldiers. The system can help locate and monitor the health of soldiers in combat.

4) TechnoFin: a simpler solution for managing financial problems

With time-series modelling and predictive analysis, TechnoFin serves as a full-fledged financial recommendation engine. It addresses all the problems related to investing in stock market, real-estate, gold, and banking.

5) Money multiplier

Money multiplier, an app integrated with Watson Conversation, aims to educate the financially illiterate. The app helps in the analysis of monthly account statements, monthly limit for savings, and helps users understand the Net Asset Value (NAV) of mutual funds.

6) Security for financial transactions

The ML-based security software aims to make transactions safer by identifying and tracking user behavior. Using Apache Lucene-based Elastic search or Solr engine, the software stores transactional data and identifies user pattern.

7) Smart Courses

The smart online learning software uses an image recognition recommendation system to evaluate facial expressions of students and operates accordingly. The system can be equipped with a smart assistant or chatbot to answer user queries.

8) Genre-switching music recommendation system

The recommendation software specializes in giving a good mix of genres based on the correlation established between the tapped genres using reinforcement learning.

9) Bot104

BOT 104 tracks the number of beds available in nearby hospitals and allows users to book hospital beds easily.  The software also has a feature to auto-generate bills using QR codes.

IndiaHacks Tech Conference 2017

The IndiaHacks tech conference had many insightful sessions by some amazing tech leaders.  The conference had 9 tech talks, 2 panel discussions, and 16 tech huddles on topics related to various tech domains like machine learning , artificial intelligence, APIs, and cloud computing. Speakers from IBM, ThoughtWorks, Honeywell, RBS, Credit Suisse, and other sponsoring companies shared their insights on various topics such as blockchain, chatbots, big data, and fintech.

IndiaHacks Conference 2017
IndiaHacks Conference 2017

With the increasing dominance of technology in every aspect of our life from banking to healthcare, there is greater pressure on software makers to meet commercial and consumer expectations. The tech conference featured discussions on industry trends, research, and latest innovation to build and maintain revolutionary, scalable software. The event also had an exhibition area, where sponsoring companies showcased their latest software products and services. The exhibition area was abuzz with interactive activities that included insightful demos, creative games, and contests.

With an outreach of over 2 Million,  IndiaHacks 2017 was one of biggest nationwide tech events of the year. The event provided a platform for industry  leaders, investors, and some of the most talented programmers of the country to come together, and share their knowledge to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the software industry.


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