Celebrating 6 amazing years of HackerEarth

December 7, 2018
3 mins

Ask our founders this question anytime, and you get the same answer!

What’s the one thing that’s made HackerEarth?

 Our employee-centric culture, they chorus.

We weren’t (obviously) going to let a major event, our sixth anniversary, sink without a trace. This called for a major celebration, and we just couldn’t wait until the annual day at the end of the month…

Surprise! Surprise!

Little did they know what they were in for on November 14.

Dressed to the nines and ready to pitch to Japanese clients (phantom ones, not that they knew), what greeted them wasn’t Konnichiwa, but a room full of HackerEarth employees wearing company t-shirts yelling surprise!!

They were moved that their team had planned this for them and had actually turned up at work at 9:30 am! It was such an unexpected pleasure.

For those who never saw the Sun before 10 am on most days, today seemed no trouble at all. We were “enthu cutlets” (like we love to say in India), recording everything excitedly on their smartphones and asking for speeches.

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Energy tanks are refilled here!

Sachin and Vivek (two really happy clams, we must say) recounted a few memories that had everyone feeling proud to be a part of HackerEarth.

Talking about how they took nothing for granted, they spoke about inspiring, scary, and funny moments since they set out to carve their own unique space in the startup world.

Some stories are truly worth listening to again and again, aren’t they?

Put on party shoes every other day…

More than the gooey chocolate cake we had them cut, it was their pride in the high-performance culture they’d created that injected life into the day.

Every now and then, HackerEarth makes it a point to recognize and appreciate employees on their work anniversaries and other personal events in quirky ways, vouchers, gifts, days off, and more.

Here, we believe no success is too small.

Hackerearth Anniversary, HackerEarth, SaaS startup, Indian Startup, Top Startup in India.

One “thank you” isn’t enough

To add to all the fun, chatter, balloons, and sparkling confetti, employees were fighting for pens and paper.

Pleasantly enough, most employees wanted to write a personal wish for the founders.

Watching Sachin and Vivek walk into their rooms, with walls dotted with so many colorful handwritten notes, we were glad to have braved Bangalore’s morning traffic. The looks on their faces said it all.

From lauding personal efforts to team goals, celebrating every kind of milestone is what makes HackerEarth home to over 150 engaged employees.

Today, was no exception.

In true HackerEarth fashion, we carried the celebratory spirit into the monthly all-hands while creating alignment around business goals as usual. Sachin and Vivek kept the quirky stories coming with photos and videos of fun moments and highlights — it was an amazing trip down memory lane.

There’s nothing like too much cake…that’s our motto. We cut another one and reminisced…again.

Hackerearth Anniversary, HackerEarth, SaaS startup, Indian Startup, Top Startup in India.

In that one hour, we renewed our commitment to growth, both personal and professional, and to encourage a culture of transparency, recognition, and reward as always.

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