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What is Startup Connect?

Most early-stage startups fail to succeed due to a lack of guidance, non-availability of affordable resources, insufficient experience, or a poor go-to-market strategy.

Startup Connect helps your startup overcome these common pitfalls by connecting you to large organizations that can help your business find the right opportunities and forge ahead with a perfect go-to-market strategy.

How does Startup Connect work?
Three simple steps to partner with organizations that can help your startup grow and evolve.

1. Register your startup

Register for free within a couple of minutes.

2. Present to the right partners

Participate in campaigns to showcase your product’s utility and business potential to organizations.

3. Collaborate with organizations

Partner with organizations and tap into their resources to fast-track your startup’s growth.

Why join HackerEarth's Startup Connect?
Here are some of the benefits of joining the program.

Go-to-market strategy

Work with market leaders to define and target the right market and audience for your solution. Create a foolproof, go-to-market strategy with the help of industry experts.

Find prospective customers

Leverage the networks of large organizations to identify and connect with prospective clients.


Solve business problems by building upon your existing solutions. Exchange knowledge and resources with the partner organization and develop your solution together.

Get incubated

Get incubated by organizations that provide mentorship, resources, and assistance required for your growth.

Get adopted

Create and deploy your solution within your partner organization.

Who is this program for?
Startup Connect is tailor-made for startups in these stages.

Early-stage startups with a prototype

Mold your prototype into a market-ready product.

Startups with a functioning product

Find the best applications for your products and discover new markets and potential customers for your business.

Growth-stage startups

Bootstrap your way toward growth with able guidance and incubation from some of the biggest organizations in the world.

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