Remarkable banking innovations begin with ordinary questions.

Pick any industry; the chances are that the most innovative breakthroughs in that industry could be traced back to a few simple questions. Some of the world’s largest financial enterprises came to us with their questions, and our software helped them find more than just answers.

Questions that lead financial enterprises to the innovation they needed

"Can external
partners help my bank
drive innovation?"

SBI is the largest Indian bank and one of the nation’s oldest providers of banking and financial services. With more and more consumers leaping onto digital payments overnight, it became crucial for SBI to keep pace with the disruption.
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SBI's approach to innovation

SBI laid the foundation for its IT innovation center in 2016 with an aim to use the BOT model (Build-Operate-Transfer), create future-ready IT solutions, and improve banking and customer experience. The plan also emphasized collaboration with large IT companies, startups, and academic and industry forums.

SBI conducted an API-based hackathon by opening up its APIs and 12 partner APIs. Participants were invited to submit their ideas for the following themes.
To collaborate with external innovation partners, startups, and developers to create ready to deploy cutting-edge banking solutions.
Applications/ Solutions using SBI APIs
Applications/ Solutions using Partner APIs
Applications/ Solutions using SBI, Partner, and External APIs

The outcome of the Hackathon

Use hackathons to turn fintech disruption on its head.

“Can we use our
data to build innovative
predictive models

Societe Generale Global Solutions Centre(SG GSC) is a subsidiary of Societe Generale—the French multinational banking and financial services company.

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Societe Generale Hackathon

After conducting several offline hackathons, Societe Generale wanted to scale its flagship event—Brain-waves—and reach a wider audience with a machine learning theme.

HackerEarth helped Societe Generale to…
Create a customized Machine Learning(ML) challenge using its data
Manage and validate user submission efficiently

The outcome of the Hackathon

Make your bank’s data the cornerstone of its growth.

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