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Baking a cake requires four basic ingredients. Eggs, flour, sugar, and butter. Get the proportions of any of these ingredients wrong and you will have a lumpy, soggy mass of wetness that is nowhere near yum.

I like to think of the process of building great tech teams as baking cakes. You have four important parts of the process: Attract and Source, Assessments, Interview, Upskilling, and Engagement. Get any of these wrong and what you end up with is talent unfit for your present business requirements, and unprepared for future challenges.

For the last eight years, we at HackerEarth have perfected every single part of this process. What we have for you now is a cake suite of products and solutions carefully designed to optimize your tech hiring, and select the right talent for every role.

Presenting: HackerEarth for Enterprises.

Why a suite?

HackerEarth for Enterprises is the tech industry’s first comprehensive platform that unites every step of the tech employee lifecycle from engaging, sourcing, hiring, and upskilling developer and data science talent. Our solution provides full visibility across multiple teams within an organization to track the skills and progress of a developer as they move through the employee lifecycle and mature their capabilities over time.

The benefits of using HackerEarth for Enterprises 


  1. Attract and source:

    We’ve talked about how tech hiring takes time. What makes it worse is the fact that top talent usually stays on the market for just about 10 days. You have a very small window of opportunity to attract the best devs from the time a hiring requirement comes up. With HackerEarth’s customized hackathons, you can attract the right talent by boosting your tech employer brand as well as crowdsource innovation from the global developer pool. This not only widens your sourcing funnel, but also helps in strengthening your tech employer brand.

    We’ve also run thousands of hiring challenges for  companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Thoughtworks – at both university level (for campus hiring/internship programs) as well as for lateral hiring. With a HackerEarth hiring challenge, you can source from our community of 5 million developers (and counting),  and pick the best for your team.

  1. Objective and automated assessments:

    Now that you’ve sourced, and chosen, the next step is to assess the developers for a skill fit. HackerEarth Assessments offers you a library of 20,000+ problem questions which you can use to create an assessment. With our platform, you can create your first assessment in under 5 mins based on role, skill, or even job description. If you want to, you also have the choice to create your own custom questions as well!

    This test can be mailed out to all developers you want to assess. With our robust proctoring features and benchmarked evaluations, you don’t have to toil through hours of code and manually assess every assignment. Objectivity and accuracy are guaranteed!

    The best part about HackerEarth Assessments is that it seamlessly integrates with top ATSs like Greenhouse, Workable, Taleo, JazzHR and more. In fact it’s super easy for us to integrate with your ATS even if we don’t support it out of the box. Having all the candidate data in a single place makes it easier to move through the steps easily and saves you the heartache of switching between multiple tools that probably don’t talk to each other very well.

    Moreover, HackerEarth’s Coding Assessments takes bias out of the process. Our built-in PII (Personal Identifiable Information) anonymizer feature lets you hide a candidate’s personal information like their name, gender, age etc., and instead places the spotlight dead center on their skills.

  1. Skill-based and unbiased tech interviews:

    When we were building our interview platform FaceCode, we wanted to change the way tech interviews have been conducted for long. Here’s how our intelligent interviewing platform helps hiring managers:

  • FaceCode helps you hire for skills. With FaceCode, hiring managers can ask questions in real-time and use pair programming during interviews. This way, candidates can showcase their coding skills in an environment they are familiar with, leaving very little room for jitters.
  • FaceCode makes feedback so much easier: Last year we ran a survey to understand the various challenges recruiters face during hiring. About 20% of the recruiters working in enterprises said that feedback and communication was a hassle (the number ranges from 15-20% across industry sizes). With FaceCode, we have made feedback gathering a breeze – in fact, our platform can literally write the feedback for you!
  1. Creating a future-ready tech team in the present:

    HackerEarth’s L&D platform helps you objectively assess your team and identify critical thinking and learning agility. Once these are defined, you can then curate learning pathways that will help your team grow and be ready for future challenges in the ‘now’. Constant evaluation and skill enhancement can ensure your tech team becomes future-proof, reduce your company’s tech debt, and create an equitable process for appraisals.

    With our internal hackathons, you can also keep your team engaged while working remotely. You can foster a culture of innovation in your organization by running a rapid prototyping sprint or solve core real-world customer challenges all while having a fun day at work.

So, are you suiting up for the suite?

The secret to making a good cake (what we started this post with) is getting the separate ingredients to mix together in the right proportions. Good things happen in the mixing bowl, as every baker worth their sea salt knows. HackerEarth for Enterprises suite is that mixing bowl.

For far too long, we in the tech world have been running tech hiring in silos. A fragmented system where the assessment process has nothing to do with the skills required, or where the interviewer does not talk to the recruiter sourcing the candidates, obviously does not work. Hence, we decided to make life easier for recruiters and hiring managers by bringing the disparate processes together in one easy-to-use platform. #ComingTogether

At HackerEarth, we have always aimed at making tech hiring fair and unprejudiced for developers, while not forgetting the troubles faced by recruiters and hiring managers across the globe. With this suite, we have managed to make the process seamless, intuitive, and intelligent, and ensured that both sides of the equation are equally benefited.

If you’d like to take HackerEarth for Enterprises for a spin, do talk to us at support@hackerearth.com .

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