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HackerEarth Integrates With LinkedIn Talent Hub For A Streamlined Hiring Workflow
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LinkedIn Talent Hub is the latest addition to HackerEarth’s long list of ATS integration partners! You can now schedule HackerEarth Assessments, among other features, directly from your Linkedin Talent Hub dashboard. 

On average, a software engineer role takes nearly 66 days to fill, due to a time-consuming hiring process. To cut down on time and attract top talent, align yourself with the tools needed to provide a better hiring experience.

HackerEarth’s integration with LinkedIn Talent Hub makes it possible to streamline the candidate recruitment process. Recruiters can now source, screen, and assess candidates all on the Talent Hub, significantly reducing delays and making it a more engaging experience for both recruiters and candidates, alike.

Here’s how the HackerEarth’s integration with LinkedIn will benefit you


HackerEarth integrates with LinkedIn Talent Hub


  • You can schedule and invite candidates to take assessments from within Linkedin Talent Hub. Each candidate’s HackerEarth assessment score and performance report is synced with the Talent Hub dashboard instantly, making this data easily accessible for all your team members.
  • Recruiters are expected to use different platforms for different stages in the hiring lifecycle; one for sourcing, another one for screening, and so on. This integration enables recruiters to save time by eliminating the back and forth between your ATS and HackerEarth’s platform. All candidate information, assessment data, the status of the hiring stage, and scorecards can be viewed on the LinkedIn Talent Hub platform. 

Your guide to trying out the integration

Experience seamless tech hiring for yourself! We have prepared a detailed guide on how to authorize your integration with LinkedIn Talent Hub. Write to us at if you face any issues while using this new feature.

LinkedIn users can read more about the HackerEarth Assessments integration here. You can also find other ATS popular platforms that HackerEarth integrates with on our website.

Allow us to streamline your tech recruitment. Sign up for a 14-day free trial today. 


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Here's what you can do next

Check out FaceCode:
an intelligent coding interview tool