Segmentation Fault – Debugging Contest by IIIT Allahabad

October 24, 2013
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Segmentation Fault was one of its kind online debugging contest  conducted on HackerEarth on 22nd October 2013.

Organized by IIIT ALLAHABAD, it aimed at the grasping power of contestants and test their basics of C/C++/JAVA.Consisting of multiple choice questions covering all the basics of language with 30 questions in the first round and 25 questions in the second round ,the event was a huge success.

This year around 700 students registered for the contest. 400 participated in the first round and 103 in the second round of contest from different colleges across India and abroad.

We had around 400 participants in the first round.

After the first round qualifiers, 103 made it to the second round of contest from different colleges across India and abroad.

Here is testimonial by the organizer  –

“Hackerearth platform was very helpful to host this event and to promote it. Because of its sleek interface, the site was very user-friendly and provided the administrator full authority.With no prerequisites, it also provided a platform for those who were new to programming and wanted to learn something new. The participation turned out to be greater than expected for such a contest and helped in boosting the competition among the participants .”

Deepak Agrawal,
Segmentation Fault Organiser,

If you are a college looking to host such contests, we welcome you to join our growing developer community.

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