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  • Titled Wipro Code Storm, the week-long initiative saw employees navigate through eight diverse challenges with different complexity levels. 4000 employees from across 22 countries participated in the event. HackerEarth provides a very useful solution, which makes the task of conducting such codeathons very simple and allows us to scale such events across thousands of users.
    G S Nathan, GM - Open Innovation, CTO Office
  • HackerEarth is an excellent platform to connect with quality talent. Over 4500 developers participated in GoIbibo’s GoCode Hackathon and the apps built were top-quality, which enabled us to have fruitful and interesting discussions with top-class developers
    Vikalp Sahni, CTO
  • The AADHAAR hackathon that we conducted on HackerEarth delivered unprecedented engagement from a broad cross section of the developer community. HackerEarth provided a seamless platform not only to manage this massive hackathon but also generate pre-hackathon engagement.
    Ravi Gururaj, Chair - NASSCOM Product Council

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