How to design disruptive business model for your idea

About the webinar

It is not about the technology. The webinar gives a comprehensive overview of how to design disruptive business models for your tech/idea. The webinar will cover few interesting case studies, effective tools and how to use a business model canvas to innovate.


  • What is disruption, really?
  • Examples of disruptive companies and not-so-disruptive companies
  • Introduction to new tools, skills, and mindset for innovation
  • Using the Business Model Canvas to innovate and disrupt
  • How to connect business models back to strategy and culture ?

About the Speaker

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    Justin Lokitz

    Managing Director, Business Models Inc. & Best Selling Author

    Justin is the author of the best selling book, Design A Better Business: New Tools, Skills, and Mindset for Strategy and Innovation, a frequent blogger and contributing author, as well as an experienced strategy designer and managing director of the Business Models Inc. offices in the US. He has more than two decades of experience managing product strategies for large, multinational corporations such as Autodesk and Oracle and for several startups as well.

    Justin has an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts, a BA in Environmental Science and Geography from UC Santa Barbara, and professional certifications in software development and product management from UC Berkeley.