Hacking Our Way
Through the Pandemic:
A Look Back at the Hackathons of 2020

2020 was a year so out of the ordinary, that the phrase ‘the new normal’, became a cliche. Working professionals who were merely acquainted with the tools that help with remote working, became proficient at conducting meetings, recreational activities, and even events on these tools.

It has been no different at HackerEarth.

For the love of tech, we knew that we had to keep our hackathons going, and keep our community and clientele engaged with the spirit of competition. A global pandemic wasn’t going to stop us, was it?

The Events

The truth is, that we were already well-equipped for going remote with our hackathons. Sure, collaboration is a lot more accelerated in person, but with the effectiveness of remote tools being at an all-time high, we knew that collaboration wouldn’t suffer all that much...and boy, were we right.

We conducted over 340 events for both companies as well as colleges.

Events conducted

The Participants

Of course, with the world going remote, boundaries between countries, between seasoned professionals, freshers and students, all became nearly invisible. This led to hackathons becoming a nexus of fresh, innovative ideas.








Notable Institutions

  • Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee
  • Vellore Institute of Technology - Vellore
  • Lovely professional university
  • SRM University
  • PES University
  • Chandigarh University
  • Delhi Technological University
  • Technocrats Institute of Technology
  • Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology
  • Army Institute of Technology - Pune

Notable Companies

Qiskit Citi Accenture VISA Bell Conde nast

The Work

As you’d expect, with 133,008 teams competing for top honors, the airways were buzzing with innovation. The competition was fierce and the judges were left amazed at the creativity on display.

The Work

The Tech

Hackathons have always been a great way for developers and aspiring developers to hands-on experience with new technologies, while digging their heels into tech that they’ve gained years of experience with. Our hackathons from 2020 were a shining example of this, with a good variety of technologies being used to build prototypes.


Java Node.js Python C/C++ Javascript .Net Data Science Mobile: Android/iOS Blockchain DevOps Data Analyst Data Engineer Cloud Development

To sum up, 2020 was a year that placed countless hurdles along the way. However, the liveliness of the developer community and the spirit of competition kept us well and truly afloat.

So much so, that to us, the year unlike any other was not one to forget, but to fondly remember.