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When innovation acted as a brand driver

HP Enterprise - When innovation acted as a brand driver

Hewlett Packard Enterprise India R&D is one of the leading MNC product R&D organizations in India and one of the first MNC R&D organizations to start operations in Bangalore. HPE has broad business interests in India spanning Product R&D, Product Planning, Marketing, Sales, Services and Customer Support domains among others.

The EG India R&D center in Bangalore is a major R&D center of HPE, with a technology footprint that covers a vast array of products and technologies across the compute, storage, networking, converged and composable infrastructure, and system software. This organization has more than 3000 engineers working on products in these domains with many of them playing roles of global influence and defining strategy and roadmap for future HPE products. There has been a lot of intellectual property that has been generated from this organization and engineers get opportunities to work directly with HPE’s Enterprise customers – in India and Worldwide.

Employer Branding through the HPE Thinkathon and MasterMaze challenge

The HPE Thinkathon was a hackathon specifically for college students. With coding gaining more attention with each passing day, HP aimed to cultivate a culture of coding among students. The challenge had questions on programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and Perl with varying levels of difficulty. There were two Thinkathons conducted by HP in 2017.

The HPE MasterMaze was a technical challenge aimed at IT professionals to showcase their skills in solving design and programming challenges in the enterprise technology domain. This challenge spanned the computing, networking, storage, and converged infrastructure domains. There were two phases to this challenge which saw IT professionals participating in huge numbers.

The outcome

HPE is a brand synonymous with innovation. With over 80 years of world-class technology innovation and the famous “HP Way” of transforming great ideas into successful tech products, the company partnered with HackerEarth for its employer branding activities.

HPE Thinkathon saw students from over 300 colleges taking part.The challenge had 25 multiple choice questions and 4 programming questions with varying levels of difficulty to be solved over a duration of 6 hours. Participants who solved the problems correctly in the shortest span of time were adjudged the winners.

Thinkathon 1

6830 Registrations

3711 Participants

Thinkathon 2

6830 Registrations

3614 Participants

MasterMaze challenge

3022 Registrations

2533 Participants

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