Case Study

Crowdsourcing ideas for the top online travel aggregator

About Goibibo

Goibibo was looking at using its APIs effectively to develop and build innovative applications to shrink the world by making travel fun! The company partnered with HackerEarth to host a hackathon to engage with developers internally and externally. 

What’s Goibibo's story?

Online hotel-booking engine and air aggregator Goibibo was founded in 2007. Today, it is one of the leading travel tech companies in India and allows you to book hotels, flights, buses, and holiday packages.


Having cemented its position as one of the most trusted e-commerce brands in the industry, Goibibo now wanted to turn the focus to mold its perception within the developer community.


  • Position the GoIbibo brand to a large developer community
  • Showcase GoIbibo’s APIs
  • Crowdsource ideas to enhance user experience
  • Brand itself as a technology company 

Hackathon as a solution

We organized a two-phase hackathon.

Idea phase

More than 4500 participants submitted their ideas, which were evaluated by Goibibo. The top app ideas were shortlisted.

Offline hackathon

This was a non-stop 48-hour hackathon where quality apps were built and presented.

What was the outcome?

4548 Registrations

1674 Teams

62 Apps & prototypes built

Why HackerEarth?

Sprint (as a managed service)

Large developer community

Innovate and build a better business