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Leveraging machine learning to solve business problems for leading startups

About Factor Daily

FactorDaily is a consumer tech-publication which engages with a reader base of over 1 million across multiple online platforms. FactorBranded is the brand solutions arm of FactorDaily. The agency creates compelling content solutions rooted in immersive storytelling for brands. FactorBranded leverages the credibility, audience data, and the power of FactorDaily technology tools to deliver ROI to brands by breaking away from traditional forms of advertising and sponsored content.

Supporting Partner

SAP Analytics looks to accelerate digital transformation with business analytics solutions and embedded machine learning. It helps organizations re-imagine their business through accurate insights and implement new processes and applications based on those insights.

Participating Organizations

Portea works with leading hospitals, experienced doctors, nurses, diagnostic centers, and others to improve health outcomes for patients as well as profitability for their partners. The healthcare services provider offers customized healthcare services and focuses on building trustworthy medical programs based on a patient’s requirements.

Delhivery Private Limited is India’s largest and most profitable fulfilment and logistics company for digital commerce and order/waybill tracking. It has operations across 1200 cities in India and delivers close to 350,000 products every day.

Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery service. It operates in 23 countries and provides information and reviews on restaurants.

Myntra is an Indian fashion e-commerce company. Being India’s largest e-commerce store for fashion and lifestyle products, Myntra aims at providing a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across the country, with the widest range of brands and products on its portal.

“FactorBranded Data Warriors will democratize the thinking of the participants to solve other problems in their own domain or come up with a different solution altogether for a different challenge using the basics that they’ve learnt here. And, that’s the biggest takeaway for the data science community.”

Bharath Cheluvaraju,
Chief Product Officer at SigTuple


“A program like Data Warriors is good for both the companies that are trying to crowdsource new solutions or models and the candidates who are getting exposed to real-world problems that can be solved using data science algorithms.”

Naresh Mehta,
AVP Data Science and Analytics at Zomato


“We got a couple of really good solutions and might be looking to implement them when we take this product set into production in the next few months. We will be in touch with the winners of our Challenge.”

Kabir Rustogi,
Principal Data Scientist, Delhivery


The 'why' behind FactorBranded Data Warriors

Companies across India are looking for avenues to use insights drawn from  large repositories of data to build better businesses. Data scientists and analysts are at the center of this revolution and play a pivotal role in drawing insights from this data to make decisions.

FactorBranded Data Warriors was conceived with the same idea, that of creating a community of data scientists and developers to find solutions to tough unsolved problems. Problem statements from four different companies — Portea, Delhivery, Zomato and Myntra — were shortlisted to be solved by contestants over a span of six weeks and solutions were developed by participants on an open source platform.

The challenge

The following challenges were featured in the inaugural edition of FactorBranded Data Warriors:

Predicting revenue from new customers

Participants were provided with the historical data on the orders of physiotherapy treatments, customer demographics, and demographic profiles of physiotherapists and were asked to predict the revenue that a new customer would bring to Portea.

80,000 records of
historical orders

60,000 demographics records of

10,000 demographic records of

Preventing fraud through better product identification

Participants were given an X-ray of an unknown product and its description, and they were expected to verify if the product (in the X-ray) matches the description. Preventing fraud from shipping wrong high-value products translates into business value.

90,000 X-ray images

1 million product descriptions in free text
(to help participants build auto-categorization of products)

Predicting the probability of a stock-out

Participants were given historical information on the supply and demand of orders at a particular latitude or longitude along with the historical route data of delivery rides and were asked to predict if the particular latitude/ longitude would face a rider/ delivery representative crunch at a particular time.

Classifying clothing based on graphic category

Given historical data of tagged T-shirts along with its graphic category, participants were asked to classify new untagged T-shirts into one of 24 different categories.

52GB(70,000 records) of
t-shirt images and their tags

Jury Speak

“In the first edition of FactorBranded Data Warriors, we saw phenomenal participation from bright young minds. Interestingly, we saw enterprises throwing real unsolved problems for bright minds to solve. In the upcoming editions, I am positive that this platform will become big and have a big impact on the ecosystem.”

– Rohit Kumar Pandey, Jury member. Cofounder and CEO of SigTuple Technologies

“The first edition of FactorBranded Data Warriors seems like a good start towards getting people thinking along those lines rather than sitting in their isolated world with curated benchmarks that they’re trying to beat real problems and compete to build real solutions.”

– Anand Chandrasekaran, Jury member. Founder CTO of Mad Street Den

“First of all, this is really good stats!! I am impressed by the participation and submissions! I think the time we took to prepare and vet these problems paid off.”

Santanu Bhattacharya,
Chairman of the Jury. Chief Data Scientist of Airtel and previously Advisor to Facebook for the Maps product for emerging markets


The impact




Winners speak

“The Myntra challenge excited me as it allowed me to explore the field of computer vision. More than winning, my key takeaway from this competition was getting to learn from the best, and it opened many gateways for my company and me.”

-Siddhant Ujjain, winner of the Myntra Challenge

“It was a great learning experience in terms of technologies, data exploration, data analysis, etc. The set of problems were interesting as well as challenging to solve. Winning the Portea challenge is a motivational step for me to pursue data science further. The journey of approximately three months was exciting and fun. It has been a great experience connecting with some amazing minds in data science.”

 -Darshan Adiga, winner of the Portea Challenge

“Being shortlisted and presenting my solution to the eminent jury was winning for me. I never thought I would win the competition, but I wanted to give it my best and I did. It did give me a boost to dive deeper into data science and solve big problems. I learned a great deal through this competition and thoroughly enjoyed every step of the way.”

– Bharath Shetty, 17-year old winner of the Zomato Challenge

“FactorBranded Data Warriors was entirely different in that the challenges were unique with datasets of real-life problems from top companies of India. Hats off to Delhivery for sharing its dataset for the challenge.”

Gokula Krishnan,
winner of the Delhivery Challenge and the Grand Prize


What’s next?

The success of the inaugural edition is just the beginning believes Krishnan Chatterjee, Chief Customer Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of SAP in the Indian subcontinent. “This program is about breaking value. We have great work happening in data. Indian businesses are working on some very complex problems. Businesses must look to FactorBranded Data Warriors as the platform where they can go to make their data drive action.”

The hackathon has set the stage for upcoming editions of the event. FactorDaily plans to have the event in a much larger format with exclusive content and meet-ups in the future. 

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