HackerEarth Contests

What are HackerEarth Contests?

All challenges organised by HackerEarth are listed on Challenges Page. These challenges can be divided in to following categories.

  • Monthly Programming Contests: Currently we have 3 monthly contests based on difficulty level.

    • Monthly Easy Contest

      • 1st of every month at 21:30 IST (16:00 UTC) to Midnight for a duration of 2 hour & 30 minutes.
      • Contains 4 algorithmic problems.
    • Monthly Hard Contest (Clash)

      • Mid Saturday(2nd/3rd) of every month at Saturday 14:00 IST (Saturday 08:30 UTC) to Sunday 2:00 IST (Saturday 20:30 UTC) which runs for a duration 12 hours.
      • Contains 3 Algorithmic and 1 challenge problem
    • Monthly Medium Contest

      • Last Saturday of every month at 21:30 IST (16:00 UTC) to Midnight for a duration 2 hour & 30 minutes.
      • Contains 4 Algorithmic problems
    • All contest problems are HackerEarth Problems. Interested in Problem Setting?

    • Prizes: Top 3 winners of all monthly contest get HackerEarth T-shirt.
  • Hiring Challenges: HackerEarth hiring challenges bring some of the biggest and awesomest companies from around the world, who want to hire exclusively through the HackerEarth platform.

    • There are multiple challenges every month. Our Chrome extension will keep you updated with all challenges.
    • All Problems are HackerEarth problems unless stated otherwise in announcement section.
  • Specific Challenges: We also host some special contests frequently like IndiaHacks etc.

Can I add All contests on my google calender?

Yes, All HackerEarth contests can be added to Google calender. Here is the URL,http://hck.re/7rO4nn, Just add it and share with your friends.

What is 'Refer friends' in hiring challenge?

You can refer 5 of your friends for a hiring challenge. If they get hired, you get a referral bonus of INR 10,000/- for each one who joins the company. HackerEarth's decision will be final and binding in all cases.

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