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What are train and test data?

Training data represents the data that is used to build your model based on the problem statement. Whereas, test data is the data that is new to the model and you require this to predict the outcome for the data.

How are the Machine Learning problems evaluated?

Evaluation is based on the evaluation metrics that are defined in the problem statement.

In which format should I submit my final submission file?

You are required to submit your predictions in a ‘.csv’ file.

Where can I view my submissions?

You can view your submissions in the All Submissions section of the challenge page.

Can I view other's solutions?

No, you can not. Similarly, no one can view your solution.

Dos and don’ts in the comment section

While posting comments on the bottom of the problem’s page, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Do not spam.
  • Do not post any source code.
  • Admins/moderators are allowed to delete the comments.

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