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What are train and test data?

In a dataset, a train data set is used to build a model whereas a test set is used to validate the created model. Data points in the training set are excluded from the test data set.

How are Machine Learning problems evaluated?

Machine Learning problems are evaluated based on evaluation metrics that are defined in the problem statement.

How do I make my submission?

  1. You are required to upload your submission file in the format mentioned in the problem statement and then click the Upload File button in the Upload File section.
  2. Once you have uploaded the submission file a score will generate based on the metrics mentioned in the problem statement.
  3. After the score is generated, click on the Upload File button in the Upload Source Code section.
  4. Click Submit.

What do I upload in Upload Source Code?

You are required to upload your approach and solution you used to solve the problem.

What should the format of my final submission file be?

You are required to submit your predictions in the specified format that is mentioned in the problem statement.

What do I write in the Answer section?

You can write any instructions, add images, links, summary, or approach that you used to solve the question. You can include any information that you want to convey to the recruiter.

What is the Preview section?

You can preview the way your answer (from the Answer section) will look to the recruiters in this section.

Where can I view my submissions?

You can view your submissions in the All Submissions section.

Can I view the solutions of other candidates?

No, you cannot view the solutions of other candidates. Similarly, other candidates cannot view your solution either.

Dos and don’ts in the Comment section

While posting comments in the Comment section in the problem, you must keep the following things in mind:

  • Do not spam. For example, do not repeat the same comment 5 times. It does not guarantee that you will receive a response.
  • Do not post any source code as it will be unfair to other candidates.
  • Admins/moderators are allowed to delete comments.

If you have any queries that are not answered here or your answers are not getting evaluated, send us an email at

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