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Oct 12, 2019, 07:30 AM
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Oct 12, 2019, 06:00 PM

Sandwich Order

Problem Statement:

Once the kiosks and mobile apps were setup, she realized many customers frequently ordered variations on the same sandwiches, while they appreciated the customization options they did not like having to find their options by scrolling across many pages in the applications each time. While she has quite a few kiosks, she was also finding that lines were building up behind the different kiosks. She realized that she needed a better user interface and a way to better know and understand her customers. She needed to look at ways where a customer could quickly identify themselves, place their order and then leave the station open for the next customer. For customers without profiles, she needed a way to have them have the option to create a profile for use next time.


  • Any generally available dataset from Wawa (included the provided one) or any external source may be used for the sandwich customization options. Data should be sufficiently complex to reflect complexity.
  • The kiosks run a simple browser with a touch screen, design a screen interface that allows the easy traversal of compatible sandwich options for different sandwich types.
  • Design a mechanism that allows the customer to quickly identity themselves at the kiosk and on a smartphone (or any future ordering channel) that would allow them to pull up their preferred sandwich configurations, so a re-order or variation can be done easily and quickly.

Data Provided:

  • A JSON file will be provided with sandwich configuration options

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Success Parameters:

  • The solution will be measured on the viability and creativity of the solution as well also of course the speed at which an uninitiated customer can operate the system and:
    • Order a new sandwich
    • Re-Order a sandwich they have ordered before
    • Re-Ordered a sandwich but then make customizations
    • Register as a new user and build a profile of favorite sandwich types

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