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Workload Management

Problem Statement:

Once Bob started taking orders online and in stores, he realized he could no longer manage the system with paper, so Bob decided he needed to build a system to manage the process. What he wanted was a system to receive orders via different channels (Store/Web/Mobile) and break those orders into different parts to optimize the process (Sandwich, Drinks, Retail). Once broken up, the different stations optimized for each part can then begin preparing the order. Once prepared, the order can be packed and fulfilled via the counter or delivery service as per the order directions.


  • Develop a system that receives orders breaks them up and optimizes the use of the different stations then assembles them for fulfillment (Order/Delivery).
  • The system should load balance across the stations as needed, knowing that:
    • Some stations may go out of service based upon staffing levels
    • Some stations may be faster or slower at different times of the day or based on the specific individual working at the station
    • There will be multiple stations servicing a specific order item types or a single station may service all order item types depending on time of day and staffing levels
    • Stations would be optimized by order item type (Sandwich/Retail/Drinks)
  • The order consolidation service represents another “station type” given the components need to be consolidation for pickup or delivery.
  • The delivery service can take up to five orders at a time for delivery.

Data Provided:

  • A JSON document containing orders will be provided.
  • A JSON document containing the build time of each order line item (Retail/Sandwich/Drink).
  • A JSON document of the delivery time of each order address.

For example:

* Turkey Sandwich – 1m30s
* Meatball Sandwich – 1m45s
* Order 1 Address – 15m (Delivery time)
* Order 2 Address – 10m (Delivery time)

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Success Parameters:

  • A system is built that receives a constant flow of orders and optimizes workload across the different in store stations, considering station type and station performance.
  • System must reconstitute the order line items back into a whole order and the fulfillment channels (counter or delivery service) must be notified when complete.
  • System will be evaluated based on the performance of the system and how well the system can optimize the load across the different stations.
  • Visualizations of the different station workloads and order fulfillment details

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