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What we are offering?

Pitney Bowes APIs

Pitney Bowes provides enterprise-class commerce technology to fuel your applications. Additionally, we have the following partners offering their technologies/infrastructure. Solve your business problems with enterprise-class commerce technology from Pitney Bowes.

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Break down names and addresses, correct and validate your data, then add insight about your customers.

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Locate APIs

Incorporate our extensive geodata into everyday applications, businesses processes and workflows.

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Ship, Duty Calculator APIs

Easily integrate USPS services into your platform and identify Duties & Taxes for internal shipments.

Cloud Partner

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube. Alongside a set of management tools, it provides a series of modular cloud services including computing, data storage, data analytics & machine learning.

Participants can get started with $300 free Google Cloud credit here. The winning teams will get the Start Package from Google Cloud for Startup Program with ​$3,000​ in Google Cloud Platform & Firebase Credits for 12 months and 1-hour technical product review/mentoring by Google. In addition to Google Cloud Platform Credits, startups in the Start tier are eligible for:

  • Invitations to exclusive, local Google Cloud events.
  • Access to Hire FREE for 6 months - a $600 value. (Available in limited territories)
  • $500 in Qwiklabs credits to kickstart your company's hands-on lab training initiatives.
  • One year of free G Suite (up to 5 users - only valid for new domains), or a year of discounted upgrades to G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise.
  • An opportunity to apply to our Spark program to extend your credits to up to $20,000 for a second year as your business continues to grow.

Other Partner Offerings

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Freshworks creates solutions for support and sales, to engage with and delight both customers and employees. Leverage the Freshworks APIs and SDK to build apps that bring innovation for eCommerce companies to provide better customer support.

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Postmates is transforming the way goods move around cities by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand. We empower communities to shop local with no waiting and empower businesses through our API to offer delivery. You can use the Postmates API to utilize our fleet of couriers to deliver your products within our serviceable zones. To Use our API’s

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Shyplite is a single dashboard for all your shipping needs. Shyplite enables shippers to automate their logistics and increase efficiency in shipments by providing a single-window shipping platform integrated with multiple carriers.

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Algorithmia is an open marketplace for algorithms, enabling developers to create tomorrows smart applications today. It gives developers the ability to turn algorithms into scalable web services with a single click. Application developers can then integrate the algorithm into their own applications with under 10 lines of code. Algorithmia hosts the web services, makes them discoverable and enables algorithm developers to get paid for usage

Sample Apps and Dcoumentations

Explore our Sample apps

Sample App 1

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Use Case:
Targeted Marketing to nearby customers

All address of the day’s shipments can be used to find out which addresses fall within a travel boundary (drive time) of 60 minutes. These customers can be sent out promotional leaflets for example, offering the same-day delivery if they order before noon and ship to the same address. The shortlisted addresses along with customer name can be fed into a marketing template and sent to a printer connected to SendPro machine. These promotional leaflets can be sent along with the actual shipment.


Locate APIs used/showcased:

  • Geocoding API (to geocode shipping addresses)
  • GeoZone API (to get travel boundary around the place of business)
  • GeoMap API (to show the business location and the shipping addresses within the travel boundary on map)

Github Link

Sample App 2

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Use case:
Demographic information of a customer.

The app showcases PBs capabilities to enrich customer information with demographic information and these additional attributes can be further used to create customer segments and run marketing campaigns.


Uses Pitney Bowes Identify & Locate APIs:

Github Link


Contact Us for any questions

For any questions - please write to us at developer@pb.com

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