Despite spending over $100 billion on India’s education, the country faces crises aplenty. Perhaps, what contributes most to the decline in learning is the shortage of teachers. India’s far from boasting a well-rounded education system with thousands of her children with no access to basic education because of poverty, unqualified and uninterested teaching staff, and outdated teaching methods and curriculum.

Volunteer/Teaching Staff management system for Teach for INDIA

India needs the kind of education system that leaves no one behind. Along with efforts from the government, nonprofits are crucial to addressing the glaring gaps. A strong, committed volunteer workforce is critical to the success of nonprofits. However, managers are often struggling to find resources to help with the recruitment, training, and supervision of this asset. Teach for India, who gets a lot of volunteering requests, wants an application that allows its Fellows and Staff members to create volunteering opportunities that would be available for any potential volunteer to discover and sign up. The same application can then be extended to gather feedback and keep the volunteers engaged and possibly convert them into candidates for Fellowship and Staff roles. An app that addresses the organization’s need for a robust staff pipeline, an adequate response mechanism for candidates not selected, and an integrated technology system to manage volunteer applications from diverse profiles will go a long way in help solve India’s intensifying social problems.

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Yuva Disha Employment Helpline by Nirmaan

Unemployment in India is expected to touch 18 million this year according to the ILO, signaling a bleak future for many. Understanding that lack of career guidance is hampering young people's prospects, Nirmaan runs a program called the Yuva Disha Employment Helpline. Yuva Disha is a platform that helps society/youth find career opportunities in a better way. Nirmaan helps them choose the best career path via their counselling sessions. Nirmaan wants to have such helplines in every region. For this, it needs an app/model which will direct people to the nearest counselling/skill development center where they will be advised on career opportunities. After skill-based training, Nirmaan will have a follow-up option wherein the person’s details will be stored. He/she would be given proper placement guidelines depending on his/her skills.

If your app falls under this theme and meets the requirement, NIRMAAN will adopt your solution. It will be implemented and will reach the right end users.

Open Innovation

In rural India, good schools, trained teachers, and adequate learning material are hard to come by. Children are especially disadvantaged, and this lack of proper education translates into a dearth of growth opportunities in later years. Technology can help the underprivileged by contributing to economic progress, for both the individual and the nation, via affordable and innovative learning methods and facilities.

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