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About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence displayed by computers by perceiving their environment. AI-based devices can take actions on their own to achieve a set goal. With technological advancements, machines are now capable of learning and solving problems just like humans.

Can computers perform all tasks that require human intelligence in the future? Artificial intelligence professionals say that they can. Scientists predict that machines would start performing tasks such as translation, image or speech recognition, and decision making.

Innovation in Artificial intelligence (AI)
From the financial sector to the automobile industry, AI has a wide range of applications. In today’s data-driven world, AI has the potential to transform the economic landscape of the world. The emergence of big data, graphics processing unit, and deep learning has led to many advances in AI.

Machine learning is an application of AI that discovers patterns in data and predicts outcomes without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning uses data to create, test, and train AI.

The current focus is to improve the existing deep learning models and AI technology to increase the learning ability of machines to learn without supervision. This means that AI machines will have the ability to take complex decisions like humans. By leveraging data sets, AI machines are getting smarter. Here are some popular examples of AI-based technology that we use in our day-to-day lives:

1) Siri
Siri, Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant, is one of the best examples of technology powered by AI. By using ML, Siri understands and predicts our questions, and thereby helps us find the information we need.

2) Alexa
Alexa, an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon, has features that include voice interaction, music playback, and streaming podcasts. The software also gives real-time information about the weather, traffic, and news.

Self-driving cars were a thing of science fiction until Tesla came to life. The car comes with predictive capabilities and autopilot feature. Developers are now working on new technology that will allow the car to predict the user’s destination.

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. AI-based technology is the secret to Amazon’s success. Amazon.com leverages ML-based algorithms to predict user behavior and improve customer experience.

By analyzing large data sets of users, Netflix can predict and suggest movies that users may like. Netflix has over 109 million subscribers worldwide.

Hackathons in artificial intelligence (AI)
The growing scope of AI has made it one of the most popular themes at hackathons worldwide. You don’t have to be a coder to participate in hackathons. If you are an innovator with a passion for AI, a hackathon is a good platform to meet other AI enthusiasts and build innovative solutions. Apart from attending hackathons, you can also solve programming challenges involving interesting ML questions.

People are collaborating across nations to make game-changing inventions in AI. The need for more personalized machine interactions in every sphere of technology has led to the invention of many new hacks in the domain. When it comes to innovations in AI, the sky's the limit.

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