Getting Started

Please find below the instructions to start your HackerEarth Hub.

Step 1) Get started by filling out the form here: <>

Step 2) Starting HackerEarth Campus Hub

This ideally requires 2-3 students who are really interested into programming. Identify the team members from your college or other colleges who are passionate about programming and would be willing to help you in the program. Having more members provides greater opportunities.

Step 3) Associate with a Faculty Lead

The Faculty Lead is a very important to HackerEarth Campus Hub. The Faculty lead will be responsible for the following:

  • Serves as the mentor to the Campus hub.
  • Initiates a healthy competitive programming culture.
  • Acts as a liaison between Campus Hub and HackerEarth.

Here's a sample email you can send to invite a faculty member to become your Faculty Lead, keeping in CC:

Subject: Invitation to become HackerEarth Campus Faculty Lead

From: < You >

Dear Professor < Name >,

We're starting the HackerEarth Campus Hub at our college and we'd like to invite you to become our Faculty Advisor. HackerEarth ( is the hub for programmers to practice and improve their programming skills, compete in coding challenges/hackathons and showcase their profile. We hope that it will become a way for programming students to meet, share ideas, and improve our skills. As our Faculty Lead, you would serve as a mentor to the chapter, provide guidance on programming problems We think you would be great for this role. Please let us know if you can take it up!


< Your Name >

Here's a sample email a faculty member can use while recommending a candidate for the campus program, keeping in CC:

Subject: Recommendation Letter for Campus Ambassador

Dear Team,

It is my great pleasure to write this letter in support of (candidate's name)’s application to your program.

(A brief description about the candidate, the candidate’s association with the faculty and his/her performance with respect to leadership abilities and extracurriculars etc. in college)

(A brief description about candidate’s abilities and how would he/she bring value to this program)

Based on my observation of him/her abilities, I strongly believe she has the potential to be an outstanding student for your program. I, therefore, recommend him/her for this program. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Yours sincerely,


Director/Professor, Department of ABC, XYZ University.

Step 4) Name Your Campus Hub

Give your campus hub a name. Please format your name like this: "HackerEarth Hub - College Name" (For example: “HackerEarth Hub - IIT Delhi"). Create social media pages for the same to give your campus page a unique identity and share latest challenges and important links that could help audience at your campus.

Step 5) Creation of admin account

After you have named your campus hub and the faculty has vouched for you, the community manager will send you a mail regarding the creation of your admin account. Once you get the access of the HackerEarth platform you need to host at least one contest within a month to be considered eligible for the Campus Program.

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