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Schlumberger is the leading technology provider for the oil and gas industry—a pioneer in the development and application of leading-edge digital technology. Schlumberger software technology development focuses on new digital technology competencies to shape the future of a multibillion-dollar industry. Through digital enablement, we not only make our industry more efficient, we are transforming the way the industry works.And you can help lead an industry transformation.

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Schlumberger Software Technology Innovation Center is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We are here to be the point of convergence of the oil and gas industry and digital technology leaders. Every day, as we move forward on our projects, we are fueled by the excitement of eureka moments. At Schlumberger, we are making history—a history that will deeply impact and change our industry.

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Our software technical experts work on global-reach projects, leveraging our global footprint and a network of industry professionals. Together, we develop the next-generation of software solutions to change how oil and gas industry users connect, explore, exploit information, and interact with one another.From Beijing to Silicon Valley, from Pune to Oslo, or anywhere in between, our experts collaborate in worldwide projects that demand their specialized expertise.

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An inspiring team of dedicated experts leads our digital technology development at Schlumberger. They see both the big picture and the tiny details. Their collective passion for writing elegant, pragmatic code and their eye for simplicity drive intellectual aspiration in their teams.
We are looking for the best students to join our team and change our future. Talk to us if you have

  • a personality that fits our culture of diversity
  • a passion for teamwork
  • a common-sense approach to solving problems
  • a determination to get work done
  • a passionate, curious, and welcoming approach to change
  • what it takes to
    • work on projects that show real business value
    • develop technology that can be used at the large scale to impact an entire industry
    • find potential solutions to challenging industry problems and change how we work everywhere—creating a global effect that starts with a local solution.

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We are hiring software experts in the following competencies areas

  • Big Data
  • Cloud Software Engineering
  • Cyber Security
  • Front-End Development
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine Learning and Analytics
  • Mobile Development

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At the Schlumberger Software Technology Innovation Center, we are committed to promoting innovation among Schlumberger, our customers, and our partners.
Our mission is to develop new solutions, leveraging the latest digital innovations to support more efficient and more reliable workflows that can be accessed by stakeholders anywhere, anytime.
Each of our team members apply their knowledge to hands-on projects. We push the boundaries of innovation in an ever-evolving acquisition of knowledge about the potential applications of digital technology. Through continuous learning, we create new ways to work, collaborate, and use data to its fullest potential.
We are creating our future.

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