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1170 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5

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DGA - Digital Government Authority: The Digital Government Authority paves the way for government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide digital services of high quality and efficiency that contribute to raising investment returns and raising the value of the national economy, and work to measure the performance and capabilities of government agencies in the field of digital government, to achieve beneficiary satisfaction.

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WSIS Forum: The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum represents the world's largest annual gathering of the 'ICT for development' community. The WSIS Forum, co-organized by ITU, UNESCO, UNDP and UNCTAD, in close collaboration with all WSIS Action Line Facilitators/Co-Facilitators, has proven to be an efficient mechanism for coordination of multi-stakeholder implementation activities, information exchange, creation of knowledge, sharing of best practices and continues to provide assistance in developing multi-stakeholder and public-private partnerships to advance development goals. This Forum will provide structured opportunities to network, learn and participate in multi-stakeholder discussions and consultations on WSIS implementation. The Agenda and Programme of the Forum will be built on the basis of the submissions received during the Open Consultation Process. The Forum enables participation from all over the world to engage with high-level representatives of the wider WSIS Stakeholder community, including ministers and deputies, ambassadors, as well as leaders from the private sector, academia and civil society. 

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