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602 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

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About Tectone23

What is Tectone23?

Tectone23 is Web3 ecosystem designed to provide the infrastructure and features required to support the next evolution of the internet across mobile with privacy as a base. It contains TectoneOS (Web3 operating system), TCore (decentralised cloud infrastructure), Tectone23 (blockchain network) and D.E.A.M (data marketplace). Together these infrastructure layers and products create a platform where your phone can be connected to everything with no loss of privacy.


TectoneOS is a privacy based Web3 operating designed to provide an open, permissionless alternative to Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS and provide users a mobile native Web3 gateway with the user experience of Web2. The OS uses a variety of in-house technologies and a mix of open and closed source software and provides a blockchain native API.

The operating system provides a permissionless platform for developers to deploy mobile native decentralised applications, running on any blockchain, that can leverage the full features of the modern smartphone. In upgrading Dapps from the confines of wallet and web browsers TectoneOS will enable the builders and creators of Web3 to unlock new use cases and onboard billions of users.


TCore is the infrastructure layer of the Tectone23 ecosystem. It is a virtual machine can be used to run app back-ends, programs, services, networks and more. It allows programs written in different languages to be run and apps to run cross-platform meaning that developers can deploy and run applications built on any chain.

TCore is also the central platform that runs TectoneOS. Where TCore and TectoneOS differentiate themselves is through Asgard. Asgard is a component of TCore that runs on the phone and allows the API to interact with the hardware and software, acting as a digital black box by enabling the user to keep all their data and applications private by controlling access and permissions. Asgard also ensures that all off-chain data generated by the user is stored locally on the phone or via decentralised cloud storage and is never sent to third party servers, giving the user complete control and ownership over it. TCore provides a fully composable environment, applications running on TCore are required to open source their code base (at least in part) and “cogs” can be used to extend an applications functionality meaning that use cases can scale exponentially.

D.E.A.M Network

D.E.A.M (Data Extraction and Mining) network is a decentralised data marketplace built on top of TectoneOS and TCore that allows users to commodify their own data giving them a stake in the data economy. D.E.A.M aggregates user data providing ethically sourced, GDPR compliant, data sets at a fraction of the cost to advertisers, brands, app developers, data scientists and more.

Tectone23 and D.E.A.M bridge the gap between the siloed, exploitative data economy of Web2 and the fully permissionless, open-source, composable data structures of Web3 by giving users ownership of their data and sharing the profit it generates. For users D.E.A.M provides a simple way to passively earn from the value of their data while giving them complete control over what data they share. For businesses and developers it provides low-cost, high-quality data with full user consent.


Tectone23 is a layer-1 blockchain underpinning the Tectone23 ecosystem providing a transparent ledger to record data transactions and providing a complete set of utility-based functionality. Tectone23’s novel POS algorithm and node structure enables users to run energy efficient nodes on their mobile phones, increasing decentralisation and enabling them to earn passive income.

TECHT is the token that powers the Tectone23 ecosystem, it has utility as a governance token, is used to pay for transactions, purchase resources and access Dapps and services. Buyers in the D.E.A.M Network will pay for data in TECHT and users will be similarly rewarded. As the ecosystem and network grows TECHT will increase in its utility as it is leveraged by projects creating new use cases and increasing demand.

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