3558 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4
3558 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

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SyndicateBank introduces
SYND iNNOVATE : Inspire | Invent | Influence

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In this online ideation round, we want to learn about your approach towards building a solution for the chosen themes.

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In this online prototype submission round, You need to submit the project and other collaterals related to the same which could include your approach towards building a solution, videos, snapshots etc for the chosen themes.

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At the hackathon location, you will be evaluated on the product as a whole.

The Syndicate bank team will mentor you and help chisel your solution during the course of the hackathon. The finalists will get the opportunity to showcase and discuss their solution before the esteemed judges and stand a chance to win amazing prizes


Important Note-

Participants (Individuals or Teams) can choose any one of the 10 themes provided below for Hackathon, they can also choose more than one theme for participation in different Theme category.

Open Innovation

Syndicate Bank is a pioneer to bring innovative technical solutions in the banking industry. The entire Banking industry is becoming both more strategically focused and technologically advanced to delight their customers and solve their problems efficiently.

The importance of innovation and developing new solutions that take advantage of data, advanced analytics, digital technologies, and new delivery platforms has never been more important.

To continue this innovative stride, we invite all of you to share, evolve, mutually learn in first ideating and building some unsolved technical problems by participating in Syndicate Bank's Hackathon - SYND iNNOVATE 2019

This theme invites ideas across any domain in the Banking & Fintech industry. Put on your thinking caps and start submitting your innovative ideas.

Customer Social Profiling

Check & Verify customer’s social life, connections, transactions, purchase patterns, travels, place of work, company where he is employed, current address and other details through social media/other platforms(LinkedIn, etc) through facial recognition and other information.

Voice Based Customer Grievance redressal System

The Application/Mechanism should have voice-based Customer Grievance Redressal where Customer should be able to register & track grievance through voice message which gets directed to respective department with proper back-end system for redressing for management having centralized monitoring.

An App for Agents(Referral Marketing & Affiliate Marketing)

A person(our present customer, student, retired employee, part-time worker, freelancer, unemployed person, etc) can register freely and whenever he/she bring a new customer/deal for the bank he/she will get a commission/reward points which can be encashed.

This idea is the automation of how insurance Companies works for generating leads through Agents, we can set different percentage of commissions/reward points for different products(like housing loans, current accounts etc)

The App should have easy Signup process(through Social Sign Up options like Facebook, Google LinkedIn etc or signup through mobile number & OTP verification) & Not a lengthy Form, after signup, he can access his dashboard with different products for referral like Saving Account, Credit Card, Housing Loan, Personal Loan, Insurance Policy etc. After successful conversion of lead his dashboard should display 1 lead converted and his credit/reward points credited with an option to transfer money in his/her account.

The app should have 2 interface/versions one for Bank/Admin & other for Agent/User. Admin should have previlidge to add,delete and modify Products & Set Commission/Points for each of the products, track lead generation & conversion from users. Admin should also have previlidge to provide bonus to users in case of certain achievements (like 100 leads converted, then 500 leads converted...)

On conversion of successful leads milestones (Like 100 leads, 500 leads, 1000 leads) the user should get Badges for Level 1 Partner, Lever 2 Partner & Top Level Partner. (Editable by Admin)

On conversion of 100 successful leads milestone the user get automatic Verified Tick with his/her name(like Facebook) this milestone value for verification tick can be editable by Admin.

User Interface of App should be easy and clutterfree for user.

Any other creative things that can be added which can increase the functions of the App

Branch wise customer ranking for the use of Digital Banking Channels & Rewards Mechanism for the same

Developing a system which can Analyze Branch’s Customer Data as per their Digital Channel Usage, Display the same in their Digital Signage System and suggest them to improve their Digital User base by migrating the customers to digital channels instead of conventional brick and mortar banking. The system should also recognize and reward most active digital banking users and display his/her name as a best performers in their System.

A centralized system for checking Branch Ambience & Cleanliness

Branch Cleanliness & Ambience is the first thing which customer(or prospective customer) notices when he/she enters a branch. Govt. Banks do not always make the best first impressions when we look at cleanliness and ambiance. If the first impression to the customer is amazing, he will feel like “Wow this bank’s atmosphere is better than other banks and similar to PVT banks, then why should I go for other banks?”

A centralized system should be able to detect Cleanliness & ambiance effectively.

Whatsapp Business integration for amazing customer experience.

Develop a system to integrate Whatsapp business for amazing experience to customers like immediate receipts of transactions, smart notifications, online transactions details, chatbots, livechat etc. The system also to be used to send alerts like Interest rate changes , Bank offers on various products, on going campaign etc.

Automated Queue Management System for Branch.

Developing Automated Queue Management System for Walk-In-Customer in the Branch with the help of latest technology like QR Codes, IoT etc. The customer should be able to scan QR code to get the ticket, which will guide the customer further by informing the counter number to serve him at the earliest. The system shall automatically re-schedule the counter to maintain FIFO order depending on customer requirements. Centralized monitoring system shall analyze the queue data, suggest the Branch to improve turnaround time and rank the branches accordingly.

Developing automated system for Identification & Triggering alert when a High Net Worth customer visits the Branch and/or using our Digital Platform like Internet/Mobile Banking etc.

Develop system which can identify HNI & Top 100 customers, send an alert to Branch Head so that the customer can be given special attention & privileged services when he/she enters Branch Premises. The customer shall be able to inform the Branch in advance that what kind of services he/she will avail on the day of his/her visit so that the staffs can extend him immediate service without or with minimum waiting time.

Mobile number verification of customers through QR scan, Missed Call or any other easy procedure

Developing system for providing facility to Customer to verify his/her registered mobile by scanning QR code in branch, Sending Missed Call or any other easy procedure to provide him hassle-free verification process more than one procedure can also be used to provide him options as per his/her convenience & alerts to be provided for the same.

Design of UX/UI for LAPS

Improving User Experience & User Interface for LAPS in Bank

Early Fraud Detection Mechanism

Creating an Early Fraud Detection System by using AI, ML, NLP, BI or any other technology.

Customer Acquisition

Analysis for faster customer Acquisition for Banking Products such as Credit Cards, Loans, Current Accounts, Fixed Deposits etc.

Prizes INR 7,00,000 in prizes

Every participant of 2nd Phase(Prototype Submission stage) & 3rd Phase(Offline Hackathon) will be provided Certificate of Participation.

Main Prizes
1st Prize
INR 3,00,000
2nd Prize
INR 2,00,000
3rd prize
INR 1,00,000
Special Prizes
Consolation Prize (10)
INR 10,000

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