Devanshu Shukla

Devanshu Shukla, is a Founder at Hackveda, VMDD Technologies an ISO 9001:2008 ANAB Accreditated Talent Development Firm. He started Hackveda under VMDD Technologies in August 2011 to assess and develop Talent for IT Skills, IT Certifications and Computer Programming.

Senthamil Ilango

Senthamil currently manages AWS NoSQL database team at Amazon Chennai. He is an SRM alumni, who graduated in 1999 with a CS degree. He did his MS in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, USA. He has spent more than 12 years in Amazon, first 6 years working in Amazon Seattle and the last 6 years in Amazon Chennai. Majority of his time in Amazon was spent on building highly scale-able, tier-1 backend services and among them Whispersync (data synchronization platform powering Kindle) is the most exciting one. Prior to Amazon, he spent 3 years working in Bay Area building Factory Automation software for Semi-Conductor equipment manufacturing company Novellus (It’s LAM research now).

Mahesh Natrajan

He is the Senior Director of Capgemini. He was previously the Vice President at 15GN and Scope International. He was also the assistant -VP at Deutsche Bank. He acquired his Btech degree in civil engineering from the very esteemed Birla Institute of Science and Technology.

Mahesh Natarajan

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