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3163 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5
3163 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5

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May 19, 2017, 06:30 PM ()
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May 29, 2017, 06:29 PM ()
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Jun 05, 2017, 06:30 PM ()
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Partner APIs


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Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is the next generation online and immediate payments platform from NPCI that has been built to serve the needs of today’s smart phone user customers. UPI enables the app user to send money between Bank accounts using multiple modes - Virtual Private Address (VPA) similar to an email id, Aadhaar number, Account no. + IFSC, Mobile number + MMID and even QR based payments. UPI helps the users for both sending and collecting payments.

The UPI platform has a set of 19 APIs that will help developers to build and integrate next generation payment products.

Please download the NPCI API doc here: NPCI API doc


Any Developer. Any App. Any Platform. Leverage the following resources to take your solution to the next level.

Suggested resources:

Additional resources:

Write to to request for Azure cloud credits worth $100 (first-come, first-served, up to 75 teams) and mention your team name.


The primechain-hackathon blockchain can be accessed by connecting your application to

You will need the following credentials:
RPC username: dendentgod
RPC password: xi1olai6ooc5mohzoloo3ze6goh5air8ueXiequ1
RPC port: 15590



Streamline storage management and data protection on premise or in cloud.

NetApp® API Services help IT organizations address today’s complex IT management challenges. Using representational state transfer (REST) APIs, you can integrate disparate software tools to simplify how you manage your on-premises and cloud storage. IT organizations gain a view of the entire infrastructure with a single tool and can continue using their vendor-provided tools as needed to troubleshoot issues with specific infrastructure components. Use OnCommand API Services to:

  • Integrate storage monitoring and reporting into one management interface.
  • View inventory objects, configuration, and events collectively.
  • Pull essential operational and performance metrics to take action.
  • Provision storage based on performance and service level requirements.

To learn more about Storage Automation and Integration & for getting started resources
Accelerate SDLC and improve Developer Experience -

Vodafone Business Services

Vodafone Developer Portal includes a Forum for developer community collaboration, developer support, sample applications, guides on how to use the APIs, and access to both sandbox and (limited) live versions of the APIs for prototyping and testing. Vodafone Developer portal Resources section will provide you the Service information, the End-User agreement information and a list of Guides that provides the functionalities of the APIs and help you in understanding the Portal better. The Sandbox guide will help you to test your application and the Payment guide will help you with the API that does LIVE transactions. Browse the Resources section to view all the general and technical documents that you need.

Location API
Can be used for Location based Service pushes. Used as a 2nd factor authentication during Credit Card Charge by Validating the distance of the EDC machine & customer's registered mobile location

Balance API
Pitch relevant product basis available customer balance Subscriber

Revenue API
Identify customer spending capacity & promote products with relevant price points

For details visit

Crediwatch : Amplified Intelligence™ for business and enterprise

  • Crediwatch is an automated & intelligent data curation platform which helps businesses make faster and smarter decisions.
  • Crediwatch aids sophisticated credit and other risk assessment models by providing data intelligence, predictive analysis, decision enabling technologies which maximizes customer profitability and performance.
  • An offline economy is not transparent and bridging the information asymmetry gap makes the cost of doing business expensive and many business models unviable. For example Many individuals and organisations are not eligible for many essential services like finance because of their thin digital identities.
  • Currently, there are 4 billion people globally who are underbanked and in India alone this has resulted in a 380 billion dollar financing gap.
  • Crediwatch is a digital data bank which uses advanced computational techniques to give you real time insights on a customer, competitor or vendor. We have created over 18 million risk profiles of companies, individuals & unregistered small businesses and connected the dots of inter-corporate relationships.
  • We are working with leading financial institutions and organisations to help bridge the data gaps and provide essential services like finance to the under-banked and promote greater transparency & integrity in business. Using proven computational techniques like machine learning, NLP and visualization we curate data from distributed and unstructured sources into proprietary models of contextual information and derive amplified insights to help businesses and organizations make data driven decisions.

Please find the Crediwatch API documentation here: Crediwatch APIs

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