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Congratulations to the top 50 finalists. Please check your email for shortlist details.

It's all about Innovation in SBI and C4B 2017 is our biggest step in launching an API Hackathon Platform for Startups and Developers in India. This is part of APIfication Strategy and Transformation which is developed by SBI CIC (Collaborative Innovation Centre) to create a Boundaryless and Collaborative development ecosystem which is Technology Agnostic, Agile and completely Digital.

Today all Emerging technology is becoming API based, Fintech is Disruptive, RegTech for Banks is gaining and everything is on Mobile. Banks have to respond to VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) and local themes like Demonetization, Financial Inclusion, Digital Payments, etc

From a technology standpoint, Bank views APIs as a set of micro-services that are individual or a combination of use cases, around which a mash-up of applications can be developed on-the-fly.

The Hackathon Objective is to promote an Outcome based Technology Culture amongst Start-ups and Developers with the focus on Developing Cutting Edge Solution for Bank in an Agile manner. This will put in focus the Business Value driven by Technologies like Predictive Analytics, Fin-Tech/Blockchain, Digital Payments, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, BOTS and Robotic Process Automation.

C4B 2017 will help drive both External and Internal Innovation. Developers can quickly get an Application Ecosystem View, learn the Bank Technology DNA and start developing solutions using the APIs available on the platform.

Join us in coding and collaborating with "#C4B2017".


Please submit an idea using any one of the following themes. Make sure to mention the list of APIs you will be using.

Applications/ Solutions using SBI APIs

Find the list of Core Banking Solutions APIs here: Core Banking Solutions APIs

Applications/ Solutions using Partner APIs

Today organizations are looking for tools which empower their customers by delivering smarter information faster. Significant opportunity exists in building things across platforms that are intuitive, visually good and powerful to handle the most complex transactions within nano-seconds.

Applications/ Solutions using SBI, Partner and External APIs

Digital has impacted us in a manner that no other technology had ever been able to do so. Today everything is digital from day one, and with that comes an immense opportunity to leverage two core functions of digital - easy access to humongous volume of data and ability to disseminate information at massive scale. How can you leverage these things to build apps that can help improve our experience...

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Prizes INR 1200000 in prizes

Main Prizes
First Prize
INR 500000
Second Prize
INR 300000
Third Prize
INR 200000
Special Prizes
Consolation Prize (2)
INR 100000

2 Consolation Prizes of 100000 each.

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