NEC Hackathon: HPC (SX-Aurora TSUBASA)

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idea phase
starts on:
Jul 21, 2019, 07:30 PM
ends on:
Aug 25, 2019, 01:29 PM
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Sep 27, 2019, 10:30 PM
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Sep 29, 2019, 06:30 AM


Winners of the Hackathon are:

1st: Kartos

2nd: PSU

3rd: The detectives

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you for everyone who participated and made this Hackathon a success!

NOTE: Please find the shortlisted candidates here

At NEC, we believe and practice to embrace open innovation that integrates with technology as well as expertise to create the ICT enabled society of tomorrow.

Currently, speed of tech improvement is very rapid, a lot of new technology services/solution have continually been developed, and they are changing human life. Especially, cutting edge tech such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning etc. will surely continue changing the world. However, there is one problem. Even though the solution’ idea/concept/quality of system are great, it can’t be not really effective solution if the speed of computing process is slow. There are so many solution which could solve existing problem in India, but many solution couldn’t show its 100% performance due to slow computing processing speed.

At NEC, we have developed one vector super computer which is called “SX-Aurora TSUBASA". This super computer can make machine learning process speed faster and it can help many solution to improve their performance to solve existing problems in India. This super computer enable us to boost computing power with lower cost and tackle many existing problems those are not being solved due to current machine computing power insufficiency. In this hackathon, we seek solutions those would be solved by Aurora and contribute to make Indian economic/technology’ growth faster. In order to participate, you are required to determine ideas of solution, business models, prototypes along with thinking about how will it make higher performance with Aurora.

Now it is time to think & build! Let us develop innovative solution which can create better tomorrow with Aurora!

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NEC is looking for solutions, which can solve existing problems in India with SX-Aurora TSUBASA. (which is NEC' super computer). We are seeking the solutions to expand innovation fueled economy with SX-Aurora TSUBASA. It diversifies in various areas such as social infrastructure, R&D, manufacturing, medical etc. which serves as a tool to generate the results with higher accuracy and efficiency.


Main Prizes
1st Prize
INR 200,000
2nd Prize
INR 150,000
3rd Prize
INR 100,000

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