NEC Hackathon: HPC (SX-Aurora TSUBASA)

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idea phase
starts on:
Jul 21, 2019, 07:30 PM
ends on:
Aug 25, 2019, 01:29 PM
starts on:
Sep 27, 2019, 10:30 PM
ends on:
Sep 29, 2019, 06:30 AM


Idea submission criteria:

Register and submit your app /idea that interest you in the form of PPT.

Mandatory points in PPT:

  • Discover/Identify: Insight into the problem (and current situation problem which they want solve)
  • Define: Why do you want solve it?
  • Develop: Explain your ideas, solutions and business by using SX-Aurora TSUBASA. Please also mention whether you will use C or C++ or Fortran to develop or not.
  • Deliver: Share your prototypes, solutions, business models in image or photos
  • Target: Overview of computation process (the reason why developer uses Aurora for a solution) and how will be the change of performance (How computing process will be faster with Aurora compared with case of using CPU) Also, how will cost be changed? (How much cost can be reduced by using Aurora)
  • Data : Data usage that developers use for hackathon (Please mentioned detail of data=10MB, 100MB etc.)

Participation Criteria

  • Any developers who can use Python or create code with using Spark ML library (scikit-learn/MLlib)
  • All developer have to prepare data set that would be used for hackathon in advance and required to share how much data (in detail, such as 10MB, 100MB etc.) will you use. If we can download that data set from web, you can submit its web address, so that we can download it in advance.
  • Developers who can agree on terms & condition of SX-Aurora TSUBASA and be able to sign agreement before hackathon starts.

Participant developers must submit the following outputs.

  • Source codes and data executed on SX-Aurora TSUBASA

How to submit? To save on the designated storage area

About Hackathon Day

  • All participant team will develop their own solution and use SX-Aurora TSUBASA to caluculate how processing speed is changed.
  • All developers should bring his/her own laptop
  • All participant team would access to SX-Aurora TSUBASA through SSH.
  • All participant team would develop their own solution (program) on server of SX-Aurora TSUBASA (or develop solution on their laptop and forward it to SX-Aurora TSUBASA)
  • All developer have to forward data which is needed to develop their program to Aurora. (As it is written, if developers will use huge amount of data, please clearly mention how much data will developers use, so that NEC will download it in advance.)

About License

  • The developer/developers who can get license for using software for SX-Aurora TSUBASA is limited to members who belong to one organization in the team.
  • Once teams are invited to offline hackathon, each team should choose the developer who will get license from NEC.


  • For the identity verification, please fill the same information of your ID when you register to this hackathon. Also, please bring your ID with you when you join this Hackathon.
  • If a person who wish to apply or the organization which the person belongs to is/has been related to develop any weapon, it is not possible to apply this hackathon.

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