Ideation advice. The judging criteria is skewed towards real world problem solving and creation. The best hacks that come out of HackED all have great answers to the question, "What is a problem and how can I solve it?" If you can wow the judges and design a great experience too, even better.

How judging works. Projects submitted to hacked.hackerearth.com will demo to judges that will come to your assigned table. Tables assigned during the event. Your team is allotted 3 minutes to demo your project. The judges are asked to ask you questions to help their understanding of your hack.

Other rules:

  • You may not begin working on your project before 12:00 AM MT on Saturday, January 27. No work may be completed before this time, with the exception of pre-printing or cutting 3D parts or other hardware components.
  • You must submit your project at hacked.hackerearth.com before 12:00 PM MT on Sunday, January 28 to be eligible to present your project.
  • Plagiarism is not acceptable and teams with plagiarized work will be disqualified.
  • Teams can have up to 5 members of registered hackers. Contact us for remote participation.

Criteria Technical Complexity: (10pts) What type of technical challenges did the group deal with? Practicality/Usefulness: (20pts) How useful is the hack? Is it practical for it's potential users?
Wow Factor: (20pts) Are you blown away by what you see? Creativity/Originality: (20pts) How unique and innovative is the hack? Can it be found in previous submissions? Aesthetic and User Experience: (10pts) How well was the hack made in terms of user-friendliness and aesthetics? Completeness: (10pts) Is the hack well completed, nearly completed, not close? How well does it work? System Design: (10pts) How well the hack was planned out in comparison to a naive design, outside the limitations of the hack.

Carrie Epp

Carrie Demmans Epp is an educational technology researcher specializing in language learning, learner modeling, learning analytics, and feedback.

Warren Johnston

I'm often the first person you’ll meet at Startup Edmonton, and can help introduce you to Edmonton’s vibrant startup community. I work tirelessly to get more students connected with the local startup community to discover some of the exciting companies and opportunities that make Edmonton a hub for technology and innovation.

Ivan Fair

Professor and Chair Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Brittany Lamorie
Jacob Ortt

CompE Alum, bluetooth devices, Eleven Engineering

Stacey Sayler

In addition to holding a BA from the University of Alberta, Stacey has over ten years combined experience in the areas of Recruitment and Human Resources, as well as five years in Management Consulting. While a management consultant she worked on projects ranging from strategic plans, business plans, and feasibility studies to organizational reviews. She joined the Engineering Employment Centre in September 2009, and draws on her diverse experience to provide students with insight on job search strategies and career planning.

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