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Hello to all curious minds!

We are happy to welcome you to the first season of HackBenchers North America. It is the time of the quarter to learn and build something exciting. HackBenchers North America brings you an interesting topic to work on: Evolution.

Evolution: A natural selection process

The age of the Earth is about 4.54 billion years. The earliest evidence of life on Earth dates to at least 3.5 billion years ago. In the beginning, all living beings on Earth were single-celled organisms. After a billion year, multicellular organisms evolved and increased the diversity of life on Earth. The evolution does not explain the origin of life but it does explain how lifeforms rapidly evolved into the complex ecosystem that we see today.

This HackBenchers revolves around the past of the evolution of all living beings. There are various questions about the past of living beings that must be addressed. For example, several million years ago:

  • What were we?
  • What were our form and structure?
  • How did we look?
  • What did we eat?
  • How did we survive?
  • What was our behavioral trait?

Isn't it interesting to walk through the past and understand this huge transformation?

Here is a video by Kurzgesagt: In a nutshell that explains what, why, and how of the evolution:

HackBenchers North America absolutely helps you to find the story about our evolution. If you are eager to know about how lifeforms evolved on Earth, then this season of HackBenchers is exclusively for you.

It sure is going to be interesting and challenging. In case you need any help throughout the project, we are here to guide you. Scroll down to view problem statements and understand the expectations of this project.

Learning scope with HackBenchers North America

  • Understanding the theory of evolution
  • Learning and analyzing the evolution of all the living beings through centuries and several million years
  • Final outcome of this event is to evaluate a web or mobile application. Therefore, you can learn the skill of the application development.
  • Code optimization
  • Incorporating the analyzed data in the application
  • Designing and building a new application

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Eligibility criteria for prizes

  • School student, Undergradauate and anyone willing to learn and test their skills
  • Currently residing in North America


Tracing evolution of living beings

You are required to write a web or mobile application that depicts the evolution of life in an interactive way.

The life can be categorized into these six categories of vertebrates that conatins the following body characteristics:

  • Fish: Fins, gills, and scales
  • Amphibians: Four limbs, lungs, smooth and moist skin, same types of teeth, three bones in the lower jaw, and one ear bone
  • Pre mammals: Four limbs, lungs, eggs with special membranes, different types of teeth, less number of bones in the lower jaw, and more number of bones
  • Mammals: Four limbs, lungs, fur, eggs with special membranes, different types of teeth, one bone in the lower jaw, three ear bones, and mammary glands
  • Reptiles: Four limbs, lungs, scaly skin, eggs with special membranes, same types of teeth, three bones in the lower jaw, and one ear bone
  • Birds: Four limbs, lungs, feathers, eggs with special membranes, and hollow bones

Your web or mobile application should represent the state of these vertebrates at different times. One form is evolved from many other different forms over ages. Your task is to show their ancestral hierarchy during different timelines in a mobile or web application.


  • Your application must allow users to navigate through different species and timeline. By taking the input of users, your application must display the information of the selected vetebrate at a specific time.
    For example, if a user selects Dog at a time period of X, then the application must display all the information about dogs during that period of time. The species should also be described if a user selects Fox, Jackal, or Wolf as an option.
  • It would be great if you can attach pictures or any visual representation of the species during that specific period of time with a brief description.
  • Your application must be interactive and visually appealing.


  • Zip and upload all the source code, executables, deployment instructions, and README files.

Tech stack

  • Frontend: Angular, React, Vue, Open to all frameworks, and languages
  • Mobile: Android, iOS - Swift, Open to all frameworks, and languages

The resource center contains sufficient information to help you in building the required application. Learn from the resource center


Main Prizes
Beginner explorer
USD 150

School team which tops the scoreboard

Special Prizes

Every team that makes a valid submission.

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