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Why STEM Learning?

What is STEM?

STEM comprises the following four major disciplines:

  • Science: Physics, chemistry, biology
  • Technology: Computing, cloud servers, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT
  • Engineering: Robotics, mechanics
  • Mathematics: Calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry

STEM learning is the implementation of all these subjects in real-time scenarios/practical projects, which enables you to explore what you have already learned.

Who is STEM for?

It is for curious minds. It is for problem solvers. STEM-based learning helps you figure out and understand your core interest. It sets a strong foundation and gives you the insight required to choose your career.

Why is STEM important?

STEM has become a buzzword in education. STEM education provides hands-on lessons for a student. It helps to improve your critical thinking and solve real problems thereby giving you a sense of ownership of something you have really learned. Making math and science both fun and interesting helps the student do so much more than just learn.

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