The world is going digital, So are we. Here, code is the largest spoken language, building communities around it, making countless revolutions, breaking barriers and what not. Everything in the corld is code; Except to the coders. It’s delight in disguise. And when you think everything came to a close, it’s just the inception. Presenting to you “Hack Off”, a one of a kind hack, where it’s not just about the code. It’s about you. It’s about how you wish to see yourself in the world you create for tomorrow. And our part? Enjoy your creations, seriously. A 24 hour long Hack, inviting participants around the nation, come together, put up the greatest show the digital realm has ever seen and “make the world a better place to live in”. Oh. That’s not all, Hack Off is also a Mini Carnival, With Fun Events, curated by the funkiest minds, Exciting Prizes, awarded by the biggest of biggest companies, Delicious Food, from the best kitchens we’ve tasted. Did we miss something? Swags too! Unleash the Coder in you to code a world beyond possibilities. Cape On and Hack Off with IET On Campus VIT, this Winter.



In this theme, we expect the participants to develop any innovative solution that helps in developing the country in any political aspect. Election monitoring system, digital traffic system, monitoring of public transport, reducing crime rates, politics-safe life, improving economics and reducing bribery in various government platforms.


In a country like India, we see numerous slum settlements in every city. The growing population and poverty are just making it worse. Aim to establish a system to support the governing of the slum residents, keeping a track of their necessities, finding an ideal accommodation system and vacancies, availing food and water supply, in short - anything to improve the living conditions.


Transparency is at the forefront, there is no clarity in prices and quality standards that increases the farmer’s cost and risk in farming. In this track we expect hackers to create a technological platform for handling big input supplies and indicates reliability and track availability. Agriculture transport system should be reliable and organised .With a aim to optimise it we expect hackers to c...

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  1. With high population, and concentration of poverty, low health status and diseases There is a dire need to focus specifically on keeping track and monitoring a user's health. Aim to improve the health status of a common man. You are expected to come up with innovative solutions to help people live the healthy lifestyle.

  2. People with disabilities should not be separated from the society simply b...

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Using these reality technologies, device a system to support proficient education and improve a student's understanding of his/her academic syllabus.


Ever felt despondent when you see the news of some tragic natural disaster happened in your locality, country or across the world? This is your chance to hack your community of all such problems.

Help the residents affected by a calamity in field of communication, material transportation, accessibility to resources, etc to interact with the victim, other citizens in the vicinity and the disaster ...

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Unable to find a theme to match your idea ?

Choose this one. The only clause - your idea needs to have a hardware aspect to it.


Main Prizes
Cash Prizes (3)

Top 3 teams would be shortlisted at the end of the offline event and awarded cash prizes


Many cash prizes and goodies are awaiting for Best UI/UX , Novel Idea and much more

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