Pitney Bowes SMB Challenge

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starts on:
Sep 11, 2017, 01:30 PM
ends on:
Oct 10, 2017, 01:30 AM


Webinar 1: Building Solutions for Pitney Bowes' Small Business customers.

What was covered

  • Overview of Pitney Bowes- history of the company, our SMB business
  • Introduction to Hackathon and our themes
  • Who is the problem being solved for and what are the key challenges/opportunities- SMB personas, segmentation, typical challenges for an SMB customer etc.

Host: Subo Guha
Subo is GM of a $500M business for over 1M SMB Customers for Pitney Bowes. Subo is driving the Big Data and Analytics strategy and solutions for Pitney Bowes. In addition Subo has responsibility for SaaS application solutions for SMB solutions and partner strategy and marketplaces.

Webinar 2: Understanding Pitney Bowes Geo APIs

What was covered .

Walk through of Pitney Bowes Geo APIs and relevant use-cases

Host: Shah Karim
Shah leads the Pitney Bowes global team building the engine behind Pitney Bowes' Location Intelligence business. Data, Software, and API Products.

Quick Overview: Pitney Bowes Small Business User Persona

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