Flock, the #1 Team Messenger invites you to experience the power of the FlockOS - the World’s First Chat Operating System - through our series of ‘Flockathons’. App developers can build incredibly powerful apps, bots, and integrations on top of the FlockOS. So, an app you create on Flock could help you schedule meetings while chatting with your team, help you with easily setting up To-dos, or even book an Uber while wrapping up your last meeting.

So, get your thinking hats on, and come up with innovative solutions to push the frontiers of team productivity. Please join the team at delhiflockathon.flock.co and also read the detailed instructions in the 'Resource center' tab.

Flock is a part of the Directi Group which also comprises Radix, Ringo, Zeta and CodeChef.

Flock intro video

FlockOS intro video


Prize Requirements:

The Flockathon winners would own their respective apps, which they will have to submit to the Flock App Store to be eligible for the prizes. Most winning apps will be at a level comparable to other live apps and can be submitted with minimal effort after the Flockathon. All support would be extended so as to help get the final app in place.

Main Prizes
1st Prize
INR 1,50,000
2nd Prize
INR 1,00,000
Third Prize
INR 75,000

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