Coal India Innovation Challenge

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Proposal Submission Stage
starts on:
Sep 02, 2022, 12:30 PM
ends on:
Oct 11, 2022, 12:30 AM


Evaluation Criteria

Criteria Combined Weightage Components Criteria Considerations Weightage
Modeling outcome
Accuracy Accuracy of the outcome on the validation data. 95% = 25, 90%+ = 20, 85%=15 , 80% = 10 any thing less get zero. It is a hard criteria. Any thing less than 80% will not be evaluated any further. 10%
Generalization How model is generalized? 10%
Model used and approach What kind of model architecture used? Model training approach 5%
Handling of rare events approach How rare event is handled? Approach and metrics used 10%
Suggested hardware for inference? We are looking at the minimum cost required to deploy the model at the site. 10%
Platform readiness
Approach for continous learning What is the proposal for continous learning of the model? 5%
Approach for system availability ; 98%+ uptime Is the platform highly available? 5.0%
How platform handles event, storage and visualization ? A demo of any installation of end to end system to demonstrate event handling , visualization and standarad operational procedure 5.0%
How platform make sure that data quality is continously maintain ? What kind of architectural approach deployed so that continous data qualiy is assured? 10%
Operational Readiness
How the solution will be scale for ~180 coal india mine sites?
How you will scale to multiple sites? 5%
Do you have the delivery team to scale? Kindly share the delivery team org structure? 5%
Innovation and differentiator 20% Given the background would you like to share your innovation and differentiating factors Any thing you like to share with us which is not cover with respect to hackaton problem statement as well as the overall project scope (Refer the background information); Ideas can be technical , processes 20%
Weighted Scores 100%     100%

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