Blue Planet Hackathon

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Jul 26, 2018, 07:00 PM
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Sep 09, 2018, 07:00 PM



Gautam Shah

Gautam Shah is the founder of Internet of Elephants, an organization that develops digital experiences intended to engage public audiences with wildlife and its conservation. Before starting Internet of Elephants, Gautam spent 20 years in IT delivery and consulting, though always spending his free time in the presence of gibbons, giant anteaters, and grizzly bears. He finally decided to combine his passion with his experience by looking for ways to apply modern technology towards wildlife conservation.

Kanika Ahuja

After finishing her MBA in International Business from Sri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi, Kanika soon realized that her calling lay in social enterprises. Kanika has been a director at Conserve – an NGO dedicated to the environment since she was 15 years old and has been regularly volunteering at the slum adopted by Conserve. Realizing the extent of malnutrition in poverty-stricken areas and the growing need for food security, Kanika has started her own initiative called Clever Bud to promote sustainable farming in wastelands and training communities to uphold localized community-based sustainable businesses. She is now leading the work at Conserve and is currently working in waste management via upcycling and has launched an upcycled fashion label – LIFAFFA, to create contemporary fashion for conscious consumers.

Kristiina Kerge

Kristiina Kerge is Technology Manager in Let’s Do It Foundation, an international movement that tackles environmental and social problems related to mismanaged waste. She joined Let’s Do It! World movement in 2010 to help create awareness about environmental problems and connect technology with people. She is full of creative flair and energy. She has dedicated the last two years to develop the World Cleanup mobile app and the World Waste Platform. Kristiina believes that by using smart technology, we can prove that those who cleanup will do better with waste in the future.

Dr. Govind Singh

Dr. Govind Singh is the Co-Founder of the Delhi Greens organisation which has played an instrumental role in generating environmental awareness among the youth of India and in promoting the principles of sustainable development. Dr. Singh holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from the University of Delhi and has been teaching Environmental Studies in the University since the last five years. Dr. Singh directs the Delhi Greens organisation and works towards finding a balance between environment and development. Dr. Govind Singh has been an active environmental youth leader since his college days and has worked to channelize the energy of the youth towards biodiversity conservation and environmental protection. He continues to mentor, orient and direct young minds, for becoming passionate towards environmental issues, through his academic and organisational involvements.

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