1. Is there any fee to register for TechNgage?
    There is no fee for participation in TechNgage. Participation is free and open to all.

  2. Do we need to have the entire idea fully working?
    The entire idea need not be fully working. However, the submission should be functional & some components should be demonstrable so that it can be reviewed by the judges for implementation feasibility.

  3. What happens in Round 1?
    Round 1 will be an Online competition, where participants are expected to build a PoC (Proof of Concept) in line with the themes of the challenge and submit their entry for evaluation.

  4. What happens in Round 2?
    Round 2 will be an Offline Phase where shortlisted participants will be invited for a 24-Hours offline challenge across 6 cities. During Round 2, shortlisted candidates are expected to create a working prototype of the idea they submitted in Round 1. The prototype developed in Round 2 should be as outlined in the Round 1 submission.

  5. How is the environment? Will your environment support any language? Will you provide any IDE and DB for us to work on ideas?
    You have to develop the entire software application on your local system and submit it on HackerEarth in tar/zip file format along with instructions to run the application and source code.

  6. Does one have to be online and available for the entire duration of the Challenge?
    No, one does not need to be logged in on HackerEarth or be online for the entire duration. You can develop the POC on your local system based on the themes & submit it on HackerEarth, on the specific TechNgage page.

  7. Since there is no specific technology mentioned, are there any restrictions on using a number of pre-built libraries?
    There are no restrictions on language, technology stack, or libraries. You can use any of these to create the web/mobile application.

  8. What will be the judging criteria for Round 1?
    Entries will be judged on the PoC (Proof of Concept). Entries will be evaluated on various parameters, including originality of the idea, design considerations, use case relevance and code maturity.

  9. A fully developed application needs to have a solid backend for data storage like SQL, SharePoint etc. Since this is an online challenge, is it accepted to show only the prototype of it?
    Yes, it's absolutely fine to submit just the prototype. If you use any database like MySQL or PostgresSQL you can also submit a database dump along with your submission. However, you are allowed to submit just the prototype.

  10. If it is a team submission, does that mean all team members will have access to work at the same time?
    Yes, all team members can login from their account and do application submission on HackerEarth. Do remember that a maximum of 2 team members is allowed per team.

  11. What technical support will be provided during Round 2?
    Only electricity & WiFi will be provided during Round 2. Shortlisted candidate are expected to bring their own computing devices, peripherals and software required to create a working prototype.

  12. How many people can be part of a team?
    A team can be of maximum 2 people, where you have to identify a leader and only the leader will represent the team from Round 3 onwards.

  13. In a team of 2 who is eligible for the prize money?
    Prize money in a team will be split based on the decision of the team leader. NASSCOM and HackerEarth will not define any guidelines. The prize money is subject to applicable taxation.

  14. Can the location for Round 2 be changed?
    Decision on change of location will be considered on a case to case basis.

  15. Who retains the IP of the POC?
    All IP’s reside with the creators, and NASSCOM & HackerEarth will use the entries for judging purposes only.

  16. Can we change the team member?
    Decision on changing/ substituting team members will be considered on a case to case basis. HackerEarth will need to be provided with prior intimation via the team leader

  17. Can we submit multiple ideas in Round 1?
    Yes you can submit​ the idea multiple times​, the last ​idea ​will be considered as the final ​idea ​submission.​

  18. Can I select more than 1 location?
    No, you can only select only 1 location ​

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