Fellow developers - it's time to come up with some serious ideas about stock investing for millennials.

Stockpile is the stock brokerage that’s built on one word: innovation. We innovate because most people have never had the opportunity to invest for their future. It’s intimidating, and it’s expensive. They don’t teach it in school, and you can’t exactly walk into Schwab to ask how the stock market works – much less do anything with that $50 in your wallet.

We’re different. Through our fractional share platform, we make it possible for people to start investing for their future with as little as $5. Choose from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Tesla, or 1000+ other stocks and ETFs, and decide on the dollar amount you want to buy. If you buy $50 of a $100 stock, you’ll get half a share. That simple concept brings every stock in your price range instead of forcing you to hunt for cheap stocks you can afford.

And that’s just the beginning when it comes to innovation at Stockpile. We are the first brokerage ever to offer:

  • Gift cards for stock. Give a gift card good for $25 of Facebook stock to someone for their birthday or the holidays. When they redeem, they get fractional shares of FB stock.
  • Debit card funding. Forget about expensive wire transfers and glacially slow ACH. At Stockpile, you can fund your brokerage
    account instantly, using your debit card.
  • Parental approval. Kids and teens can invest at Stockpile too. When they place a trade, it goes to mom or dad’s smartphone for

Our innovations have been featured all over the press. Watch CNBC’s Jim Cramer go mad about Stockpile gift cards and how we’re opening up Wall Street to young investors.

And that’s why we’re sponsoring the Stockpile Ideathon. We want you to be the spark that helps us drive the creation of products and services that traditional brokerage could never dream of. We want you to help us build an amazing investing experience for millennials. We want you to come up with some serious growth ideas to bring Stockpile to millennials who want to invest for their future.

We hope you accept our invitation to participate in the Stockpile Ideathon. We’re looking to you to help us make things happen through the power of your ideas.

About us

Stockpile was founded to give everyone, especially millennials and other young investors, an easy and affordable way to start investing for their future. Customers can purchase fractional shares with as little as $5, making it possible for anyone to own favorite brands like Alphabet, Netflix, Starbucks, or 1,000 other stocks and ETFs. Customers can also invest in their loved ones with Stockpile gift cards, available online and at major retailers like Target, Kroger, Safeway, and Office Depot.

Stockpile is an SEC-registered fractional share brokerage that charges only 99 cents per trade, with no monthly fees or account minimums. Instead of having to pay $1,000 for a whole share of Amazon, customers can buy 0.1 shares for $100. Customers can learn as they go through engaging mini-lessons about stock investing.

Stockpile, headquartered in Palo Alto, is backed by Mayfield, Fidelity Investments, Stanford University, Ashton Kutcher, and others.

Our $5 bootstrap!

To kickstart the Ideathon, we’re giving every developer $5 of free stock. This will give you a chance to get invested in the stock market and experience Stockpile firsthand.

When you register for the Ideathon , you’ll receive a unique link to claim your free stock. Just click on the link, pick your favorite stock, and sign up for a Stockpile account. It takes about 3 minutes, and you can do it on the Stockpile iOS or Android app or using a browser. Once you do this, a trade order will be placed and you’ll soon own a piece of your favorite company! Congrats :)

Please note that your $5 free gift can be redeemed only once. Since it’s the one part of our experience that you’ll encounter only once, we recommend that you take screenshots and notes as you go through the signup and redemption flows so you can revisit them later to make a killer proposal! Be sure to play around with the rest of our platform. Try out as many features as you can. Download the mobile app (if you haven't already). This will give you a holistic view of our product.


Your proposal for a chosen theme. We recommend embedding any assets (e.g., images and flow charts) in the PDF and not linking them externally. If you are attempting multiple themes, please create separate proposal PDFs with appropriate theme name, zip them up, and upload.


User interface

Does the UI need an overhaul? Or do you have a crazy theme in mind that millennials will love? Anything goes ...

User experience

As you were trying out Stockpile, did you stumble upon something that you felt can be improved? Do you have great suggestions on how to improve them? Please try to be as concise as possible along with design mockups/clickable prototype wherever applicable. Here are some apps to help you with that:

  • https://www.invisionapp.com/
  • https://zeplin.io/
  • Product features

    Do you think the Stockpile experience is lacking in some regard? Perhaps you have an idea for an amazing feature that will be irresistible to millennials? We would love to hear all about it :)

    Growth Hacks

    Here’s a wide open field for your creative mind! We want you to propose smart growth hacks to improve conversions for any of the metrics listed in our “Judging Criteria.” Feel free to use external services or social media channels in your proposal.

    Prizes USD 1000 in prizes

    Main Prizes
    First Prize
    USD 500

    $500 stock in your favorite company

    Second Prize
    USD 300

    $300 stock in your favorite company

    Third Prize
    USD 200

    $200 stock in your favorite company

    Special Prizes
    Everyone's a winner!
    USD 5

    $5 of stock in your favorite company

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