The B-Hive FinTech Hackathon addresses real and urgent challenges in the financial and insurance sector. It’s backed by 6 major European banks, insurers and market infrastructure players. These partners intend to take on and fund the most interesting solutions presented at the hackathon as Proof of Concept projects.

The intention of this hackathon is not only to code, but to come up with ingenious and well thought out business solutions.

About the organizers

B-Hive is a European collaborative innovation fintech platform that brings together major banks, insurers and market infrastructure players. Together, they work on common innovation programs and build bridges between corporate partners and startup and scale-up community members. Find out more about B-Hive's partners supporting this event in the 'About the Partners' section.

Hack Belgium LABS is a Brussels based hackathon facilitator and co-organizer of this event, managing communication and PR efforts and also responsible for mobilizing key stakeholders from within various sectors (financial sector, private sector, academia, etc).

Who can apply?

This hackathon is split in two tracks:

  • The Company Track is open only for existing company teams and addresses 2 dedicated challenges. It is directed to specialised companies, startups and scale-ups who can tweak or build on existing solutions to meet the business challenges objectives and who have the ambition and capability to scale up their solution in partnership with major financial institutions. Teams should be minimum 2 and maximum 7 people.

  • The Open Track addresses one challenge, to which anybody can apply. This means you don't need to be an established company team. We’re taking applications from developers, designers, entrepreneurs, technologists, futurologists - in short, all ambitious professionals who feel compelled to tackle this challenge. In the run-up to the physical hackathon, you have the opportunity to form or join a team within the Open Track. This is not obligatory: teams can be created during the physical hackathon as well.

Company Track

About: Together with our partners, we’ve defined 2 Company Track Challenges (see Themes below) for you to tackle. The winner of the Company Track will get funding for their Proof of Concept and a potential partnership with B-Hive or a partner.

Outcome: Your goal is to come up with a technically feasible and actionable solution, that makes business sense and addresses the needs of end-users. At the end of the hackathon we expect you to pitch and submit your project, including a concept description, a business model and a mockup or a demo.

Open Track

About: In this Open Track we are looking for solutions that will increase adoption of mobile payment technologies. The winner of the Open Track will receive a money prize of €5000.

Outcome: At the end of the hackathon you pitch and submit a project, including a concept description, a business model and a mockup or a demo. You’ll have the opportunity to present your work to key decision makers at 10 major financial institutions. The winning team of this track will win €5000 in cash.


Company Track: Pattern and Fraud detection

The goal of this challenge is to detect fraud in a transactional environment using advanced data pattern detection tools, while relying on a combination of different data types and sources. You’ll look to combine structured and unstructured data, real-time data and static referential data. You’ll work with a multitude of data sources from within the financial sector, such as payments, banking, in...

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Company Track: Industry wide procurement and vendor management platform

Tech companies of all sizes face one common and essential challenge when selling to big corporates (especially in financial industry): they have to pass several compliance, risk, security and procurement checks. This is especially challenging for smaller companies (start-ups, scale-ups). Now imagine a platform that standardizes and facilitates those assessments: that would be a gift from heaven! ...

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Open Track: Electronic payments adoption & financial inclusion

Belgium is struggling to adopt new mobile payment technologies. Whether it's payments via mobile phones or via contactless card, the mass consumer market is still not convinced. In this open challenge we are looking for solutions that will increase adoption of mobile payment technologies, but always keeping in mind one very important rule: the solutions must be inclusive.

That means that solution...

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That's it


Every team will have the opportunity to pitch for and meet with 10 key decision makers of major financial institutions.

Main Prizes
Company Track 1st Prize: Funded Proof of Concept

At least one winning team will receive funding to develop their Proof of Concept with B-Hive or one of our partners. The winning team will also have an opportunity to pitch at Digital Finance Europe 2018 (26 September).

Open Track 1st Prize: €5000
EUR 5000

The winning team will receive €5000 in cash. And remember, all teams have an opportunity to present their work to a jury of senior decision makers at major financial institutions. This may lead to interesting business opportunities for you.

opens at:
Jun 12, 2018 11:00 AM CDT
closes on:
Sep 14, 2018 04:00 PM CDT
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