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Mancunian And Nancy Play A Game

Graph Theory, Medium


Mancunian is in a committed relationship with his girlfriend Nancy. His idea of a date is for them to have a romantic candlelight dinner and then play graph games. This time they are using a graph of N nodes and E edges. Mancunian is located at vertex \(M_1\) and wants to move to \(M_2\). Nancy wants to move from vertex \(N_1\) to \(N_2\). Anyone can move at any time, till both have reached their respective destinations. But there is a catch. Nancy can't bear to be too far away from her true love, Mancunian and hence the shortest distance between them at any point in time should never exceed a specified parameter K.

You are given several possible pairs of \(N_1\), \(N_2\) for Nancy. Count the number of such pairs which will make a valid game (where both Mancunian and Nancy can reach their respective destinations without violating the distance condition).

Input format

The first line contains three integers N, E and K denoting the number of vertices, number of edges in the graph and the maximum allowed distance between the two lovers respectively.
The following E lines contain two integers A and B, denoting an undirected edge between those two vertices. There will be no self-loops or multiple edges in the graph.
Next line contains two integers \(M_1\) and \(M_2\) denoting the source and destination for Mancunian.
Next line contains a single integer Q denoting the number of games.
Each of the next Q lines contains two integers \(N_1\) and \(N_2\) denoting the source and destination for Nancy, for that game.

Output format

Print a single integer, denoting the number of valid games.


  • \(1 \le N \le 100,000\)
  • \(1 \le E \le min(100,000, N*(N-1)/2)\)
  • \(1 \le K \le 1,000,000,000\)
  • \(1 \le Q \le 50,000\)
  • \(1 \le A, B, M_1, M_2, N_1, N_2 \le N\)
6 5 3
1 3
2 3
3 4
4 5
3 6
1 5
2 6

The game may proceed in the following manner. Mancunian moves to vertex 3 and then Nancy also moves to 3. Mancunian moves to 4, and then 5. Nancy moves to vertex 6.

Time Limit: 2.0 sec(s) for each input file.
Memory Limit: 256 MB
Source Limit: 1024 KB
Marking Scheme: Marks are awarded when all the testcases pass.
Allowed Languages: C, C++, C++14, Clojure, C#, D, Erlang, F#, Go, Groovy, Haskell, Java, Java 8, JavaScript(Rhino), JavaScript(Node.js), Julia, Kotlin, Lisp, Lisp (SBCL), Lua, Objective-C, OCaml, Octave, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Python 3, R(RScript), Racket, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Swift, Swift-4.1, Visual Basic


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