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Android Developer
Posted on: 7th October, 2019 | Closed

Skills C++, Java
Experience 0 years+ exp
Cost to Company Best in industry
Job Location Mumbai and Bangalore
How to apply Take a 3 hrs screening test organized by Chalo.
  • Opening time: Nov 08, 2019 12:30 PM UTC
  • Closing time: Nov 10, 2019 06:25 PM UTC
Note: You can take the test anytime between the given duration


  • Working with Product, Design and Backend teams to own end to end features including designing the architecture, data storage, API integrations and the user interface.
  • Building a payment suite for Public transportation like no one else - powering Tap to pay cards, Tap to pay using Android phones, Offline Dynamic QR codes, other digital payment options such as UPI, Wallets, Common Mobility cards.
  • Working with web sockets, advanced caching techniques to power an ultra-fast and slick UX.
  • Multilingual and Multimodal app integrating buses, metro, cabs, cycles, bikes.
About Chalo


Chalo is a mobility start-up that aims to make travel better for everyone. With operations in 25+ cities and 250 million rides delivered each year, Chalo is solving a real-world problem that affects crores of Indians every day and creating India’s largest mobility company along the way.

How Large Is The Problem?

Transport is the largest spend category for an average Indian household after food expenses, accounting for 20% of all expenses. Bus tickets account $60 billion annually, and are estimated to be 10x of taxis. However, each bus commuter spends the equivalent of 8 days a year waiting for a bus; and bus operators have losses running into hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

What does Chalo Solve?

Chalo is improving the city bus experience. With live bus tracking on the Chalo app, commuters have reduced their 30 minutes wait to just 2-3 minutes.Plus, with the Chalo Card and mobile tickets, they never have to worry about carrying change anymore, and can save money with each trip. This kick starts a virtuous circle, where happier commuters means more rides which in turn means more revenue for our bus operator partners, which leads to more investments in buses, and thus even better services for commuters.

How does Chalo Do It?

Chalo works in partnership with bus operators to deploy their proprietary technology stack and operations. By deploying an end-to-end solution from the hardware on the bus, to the software on the cloud, and mobile apps and cards for the commuter, Chalo is able to power a unique experience.

What’s In Store for 2020?

Chalo believes that buses run better on technology than on fuel. Chalo is all set to launch their service in some of India’s largest cities, and is working closely with city governments and bus operators to add more buses, especially electric buses.

A Note from Chalo:

The benefits of providing a great mobility solution go beyond time and money. A bus can take 30 cars off the road, reduce millions of tonnes of emissions, improve safety, increase household savings and lead to a significant improvement in the quality of everyday life. The opportunity to build a company comes along rarely; the opportunity to build a company that can so dramatically impact the lives of millions, comes once in several lifetimes. If that opportunity does come knocking, you better be prepared to grab it with both hands and then give all of yourself to it. We will be frank, lots of things are work-in-progress at Chalo, but that’s exactly why we are looking for individuals to take up challenging roles across the company to not just run, but solve, build and grow Chalo.

P.S. We’re a super fun team to work with. We work hard and play harder!

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