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Software Developer
Posted on: 28th May, 2020 | Closed

Skills C++
Experience 1-5 years exp
Cost to Company 8-20 LPA
Job Location Bangalore
How to apply Take a 2 hrs screening test organized by Juspay.
  • Opening time: Jun 19, 2020 11:30 AM UTC
  • Closing time: Jun 21, 2020 07:25 PM UTC
Note: You can take the test anytime between the given duration

Juspay and FP: A Journey of Possibilities

The enhanced potential of functional programming has made inventions and innovations a norm at Juspay

  • Safe: A first of its kind Payments Browser
  • Presto: Payments DSL
  • Hyper: Dynamic payments Micro-app framework
  • DBMesh: an eventually consistent Key-Value store
  • ART: Automatic Regression Testing framework
    And many more ...

All this has been possible because of our heavy investment in frameworks using Functional programming techniques.

    • FP enables us to build Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) that help us reliably and rapidly create payment use cases.
    • Concise Code is a Reality!
    • Enables PMs, Devs ,QA to collaborate and enhance the creative potential.


Centres of Excellence

Each of our Centres of Excellence balance the dual of Framework Development (The Ideal) and Business Enablement (The Practical)

      1. SDK: Building UI/UX experiences that enable frictionless user payments and enable merchants to manage payment options effectively.
        • Frictionless 1-Click Payment with Native payment page
        • Incorporating React Markups in ‘Presto’ (proprietary UI framework)
      2. Backend: Business Logic to handle evolving payment requirements (UPI, Integrations, Authentication) flexibly
        • Biggest FP company with entire business logic in FP
        • Concise Expression of complex Payment Logic
        • API Integrations
      3. Data Science: Intelligence from more than million txns to enable automated and intelligent payment operations
        • Intelligent traffic routing
        • Self-Healing systems
        • Intelligent Payment Assist
        • AI powered Payment Operations
        • Aesthetic Visualization of Data
      4. Infrastructure: Reliable and 99.999% Available infrastructure which can power the payments for India.
        • Multi-DC Architecture
        • Infrastructure DSL for unified management at scale
        • Distributed computing in Edge devices

Who are we looking for?

      This mind-boggling vision requires nothing less than a magical approach. We are looking for magicians who can leverage FP to cast out magic through their code. We are looking for Inventors who can pioneer the next big technological inventions in payments
      • Responsible Creator: Who are ready to take up big responsibilities and endure pain to conquer them?
      • Development Artist: Do you see aesthetic in your code?
      • FP seeker: Are you curious about FP or have identified FP as your way?
      If you resonate with any of the above, you might just be the right person for the role.

What do you get?

    • It is your Day 0! And you will be working on production critical projects and developing proprietary frameworks
    • HARDDD Problems that push you to the edge of solutioning
    • You’ll unleash your 10x potential in Juspay FP ecosystem
    Not believable yet? Let us share few real success stories at Juspay
    • Our DUI Framework, which is a core part of our SDK , has 140M+ users and 200M+ SDK installs was developed by an Intern
    • BHIM, the UPI payment app used by 10M+ users was built by a Developer with <6 months experience
    • The average age of creation (if there exists a metric like that? ;)) << 24 years

About Juspay

JUSPAY is a Payments Exchange connecting merchants, payment providers and banks. With deep focus on delivering seamless payments UX at scale we are trusted partners for all major internet companies in India. After surpassing 200M SDK installs, building systems handling highest payments traffic in India of 2000 transactions per second, we are now making the next stride to power end to end payments for India.  

99.999% Availability   |  50M Txns/day   |  1-Click Experience

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