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Senior Python Developer
Posted on: 4th January, 2017 | Active

Skills Python-2.7, Python-3.x, Django-1.10
Experience 4 years+ exp
Job Location Bangalore
Openings 2
Eligibility Criteria
  • Profile must be atleast 50% complete.
  • An updated resume should be uploaded
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HackerEarth is a technology startup headquartered in Bangalore, India. Programmers visit HackerEarth to improve their programming skills by solving problems, compete in hackathons & coding challenges and get awesome jobs. We have quickly grown to become the largest programmer community in Asia and are looking grow aggressively grow overseas. We are looking to hire Senior Python Developer to be part of engineering team at HackerEarth.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Architect, design and implement solutions end-to-end. You have complete freedom in this.
  • Work with problems of scale, employ technologies that are distributed in nature.
  • Take sole ownership of your product(s) - keep a keen eye out for bugs that might arise, ardently resolve them; make feature additions to your product; or sometimes, when you're feeling ambitious - rewrite the whole product from scratch! (Don't make this a habit though.)
  • Get acclimatized to our tech-stack, which is an ever changing landscape. while True: unlearn() and relearn()
  • Be versatile - Work on django applications, micro-services, etc during the day; transform into that DevOps savior at night.
  • Put your years of knowledge in working with relational databases, like MySQL, to use. Know the ins-and-outs of writing and optimizing queries against large datasets.
  • But you know when it makes more sense to use MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Redshift, or Hadoop to solve a problem. - You can talk about a wide array of trade-offs facing web developers: use of frameworks vs. in-house code, what caching strategy to choose, how to select 3rd party libraries, what to do when table X hits 500 million rows
  • Delegate intense processing work onto our fleet of “toolchain” machines through use of messaging platforms like RabbitMQ & Kafka.
  • Break away from the request-response paradigm and work with asynchronous flows.
  • You're not a platform zealot, but you think Linux is a fine choice as a pc,server,cloud OS.
  • Document your contributions - at HackerEarth we promote consuming content and even more so - producing it. Write a new post on our engineering blog every time you roll something out. Our engineering blog has a wide audience including people from Stanford Uni. Don't be shy to don the Cape of Vanity
  • Passion to solve problems can be observed in your work

Skills required:

  • 3+ years experience in Python
  • 4+ years of experience building web applications
  • 2+ years Hands on experience in Django
  • Knowledge of development on a Linux system
  • Intermediate knowledge in HTML, CSS & JavaScript - more is better!
  • Expert at RDBMS and have deep exposure and hands on MYSQL and REDIS
  • Optionally it would be great if you also know Hadoop, Cassandra
  • Faith in good coding standards and practices
  • Solid understanding of server­ side MVC frameworks
  • You should love challenges, pickup new languages, framework or technologies on the go and battle out the adventure

Above all, you love to build and ship products that real people will use every day.

Job Perks Industry comparable salary. Really flexible hours. If you are sick, just stay home. Movie/Gaming night outs. Travel in and around India. Attend developer events and conferences completely free.

We are writing tons of code, building some intense technology, and it's a great opportunity to learn. We are backed by some awesome people in startup community. Moreover, you get a chance to be the initial team member of a company which is building a global product out of India.

About HackerEarth

HackerEarth is the hub for programmers to practice and improve their programming skills, compete in coding challenges/hackathons and showcase their profile. Businesses use HackerEarth to build developer relations and create a talent pipeline.

HackerEarth has built a proprietary code evaluation engine that allows programmers to write code in the browser and automatically evaluates it in real-time. HackerEarth regularly conducts a variety of hackathons ranging from basic domains like Algorithms to advanced concepts like AI and Machine learning. Based on the activity of the programmers, HackerEarth is able create an accurate skill graph for them, which is used to recommend jobs and other opportunities to programmers.

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