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Software Developer
Posted on: 5th December, 2019 | Closed

Experience 1-10 years exp
Cost to Company INR 3e-05L - INR 0.00012L
Job Location Bangalore
How to apply Take a 1 hrs 30 mins screening test organized by HackerEarth.
  • Opening time: Dec 04, 2019 04:54 AM UTC
  • Closing time: Dec 05, 2019 04:45 PM UTC
Note: You can take the test anytime between the given duration


About HackerEarth

The journey of HackerEarth had its humble beginning in the dorms of IIT Roorkee at the start of 2012. Born out of curiosity and passion of two budding software engineers, HackerEarth has the vision to connect every developer with the right opportunity, all across the globe.

HackerEarth provides an AI-powered developer assessment software that helps organizations to accurately measure a developer’s skills through online coding tests. It takes a skill-based approach to assessment, allowing companies to automatically generate standardized tests based on various skills and then accurately measure the developer’s performance on those skills.

To it's developer community, which has grown to 3.5M strong developers globally, HackerEarth provides an opportunity to assess their coding skills and become better at coding. Millions of developers come to HackerEarth to solve coding challenges across a multitude of skills and participate in online coding contests/hackathons.

HackerEarth proudly serves 500+ organizations with many of the fortune 1000 names in the list like Walmart, Amazon, Barclays, GE, Siemens etc.

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