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Senior Software Enginner
Posted on: 18th December, 2020 | Closed

Experience 3-7 years exp
Cost to Company 35-75 LPA
Job Location Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi
Openings 10
How to apply Take a 5 hrs screening test organized by
  • Opening time: Jan 15, 2021 03:30 AM UTC
  • Closing time: Jan 24, 2021 06:29 PM UTC
Note: You can take the test anytime between the given duration

Through this challenge, we are looking to hire Software Engineers/Senior Software Engineers. Depending on performance the role will be offered.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Building scalable, highly available, resilient, extendable, secured architecture to provide a significant boost to the business.
  • Writing high-quality code to achieve business goals.
  • Working with various cross-functional teams to understand their needs, offering them solutions and setting and managing their expectations.
  • Ensuring timely & high-quality delivery.
  • Following up best practices for development and championing their adoption as per company defined standards.
  • Developing with scale and speed amidst flux, there is just a LOT happening.

Ideal candidate profile:

  • An engineering degree in CS from a reputed institution
  • Strong foundation in Data Structures/ Algorithms and their pros and cons
  • Deep understanding of technologies and architecture for a scalable and highly available set-up
  • Ability to learn new technologies quickly
  • Experienced in Java/Golang and related Technologies like Spring/Hibernate
  • Experience working in web applications
  • Strong networking and Operating Systems fundamentals
  • Understanding of distributed systems
  • Experienced in Streaming technologies like Kafka
  • Experience working with SQL and NoSQL Databases
  • Not afraid of refactoring an existing system in different technology
  • Experienced in developing the long-term tech strategy for analytics and translate that into an achievable roadmap

We are CARS24.

And as our name rightly suggests, we deal in everything related to pre-owned automobiles (car & bikes) and we do it 24/7.

Now, you might ask, in this sea of car re-sellers, what is it that makes us different? Well, CARS24 is more than your next-door car re-seller. It is a next-generation e-commerce platform with an edge. It is the satisfaction we provide our customers that lies at the heart of our business.

We take great pride in providing the best experience to all parties involved - with sellers getting the best value for their car, and buyers getting to choose from a wide assortment of automobiles.

For a company launched in just 2015, CARS24 has scaled rapidly. With a presence in 100 cities and counting, we are growing at more than a 100% rate, year on year. That’s not all - CARS24 provides several other services that benefit our patrons, such as financing and warranty for its consumers.

Our success is spearheaded by innovation - the invention of a unique price discovery mechanism of used autos. It includes a state-of-the-art propriety inspection app, an innovative auction format that is first-of-its-kind in the world, and an all-powerful algorithm that matches supply and demand using millions of data points. Mission: Our mission is to revolutionize the way used cars are sold in the world. We offer an efficient and reliable way to car owners to sell their cars at the best price.

About the team:

Our captains are Vikram Chopra (Wharton, IIT Bombay, Sequoia Capital, McKinsey) and Mehul Agrawal (BCG, IIM Calcutta, Forbes 2016 Asia 30-under-30, Forbes 2015 India 30-under-30). Both of them had earlier founded The rest of our team are driven, passionate individuals who possess excellent credentials, and have come together at to do the most phenomenal work of their lives.

As folks at say, “No one wants to tell their grandchildren that they missed out on this one."


Cars24 is primarily a company which is driven by cutting edge technology. We live and breathe technology every day in our business. We are “tech first” in the sense that any problem that is thrown at us we look for providing a solution using technology.

We use a variety of tech stacks to solve our day to day problems like Node.JS/PHP/Java/Golang. Some of the other technologies that we use are : Aurora, RDS, Elastic Search, Redis, MongoDB, VoltDB, MySQL, Snowflake, RabbitMQ, Kinesis.

We have high-performance native applications developed in IOS and Android. We do not believe in hybrid applications because we look for optimizing every bit of screen as our users are very demanding. We are deployed in AWS and use many services provided by AWS. We follow microservices architecture and agile methodologies to keep us at our toes all the time. We have dedicated DevOps team that automates our deployment pipeline and we continually look for investing in cutting edge tools that help us stay ahead of the competition.

Our domain is unique so are our problems so it is important that we keep researching new areas in tech. We always keep a balance in the number of feature set and core R&D areas so we provide access to AWS to all our developers.

Read more about Cars24: Link 1 | Link 2

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