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Data Scientist
Posted on: 13th September, 2021 | Closed

Skills C++
Experience 2-8 years exp
Cost to Company Best in industry
Job Location Bangalore (Remote for now)
How to apply Take a 72 hrs screening test organized by Akaike Technologies.
  • Opening time: Oct 08, 2021 12:30 PM UTC
  • Closing time: Oct 17, 2021 06:25 PM UTC
Note: You can take the test anytime between the given duration


You are a data pro with deep statistical knowledge and analytical aptitude. You know how to make sense of massive amounts of data and gather deep insights. You will use statistics, data mining, machine learning, and deep learning techniques to deliver data-driven insights for clients. You will dig deep to understand their challenges and create innovative yet practical solutions. You will facilitate the development of PoC assets, solution accelerators, and respond to RFPs. You are a thought leader with commercial acumen, always on top of AI and ML trends. 

What you need 

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in data science and  related disciplines like mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics, or  related fields  
  2. At least 4 years’ working in data science  using statistics 
  3. At least 3 years’ developing Machine  Learning methods 
  4. At least 3 years’ experience with techniques like clustering, regression, and  optimization 
  5. Comfortable with Python, Git versioning  and libraries 
  6. Data Analysis Libraries - NumPy, Pandas,  Statsmodels, Dask 
  7. Machine Learning Libraries - Scikit-learn,  Surpriselib 
  8. Data Visualization Libraries - Matplotlib,  Plotly, Tensorboard 
  9. Deep Learning Libraries - Tensorflow/Keras/Pytorch/fast.ai 
  10. Experience with text and vision analytics  problems such as text classification,  clustering, auto-regression models, NER,  topic modeling, image classification, object  detection, semantics/instance segmentation, object tracking, 
  11. Good understanding of Word2vec, RNNs,  Transformers, Bert, Resnet, MobileNet,  Unet, Mask-RCNN, Siamese Networks,  GradCam, image augmentation techniques,  GAN 
  12. NLP Libraries - NLTK, Spacy, HuggingFace, Gensim 
  13. Computer Vision Libraries - Opencv, Pillow,  Imgaug, Albumentations 
  14. Deployment - Flask, Tensorflow serving,  Lambda functions, Docker 
  15. Databases - MySQL/Postgres/MongoDB
  16. Good Familiarity with AWS and Azure 
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At Akaike, we apply ML and DL to Computer Vision, NLP, and Reinforcement Learning taking inspiration from the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) to build and deploy efficient AI models with maximum impact across healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and media industries.

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