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Dec 31, 2018, 12:30 PM
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Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship cell, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, WCE ACM Student Chapter, Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli(WCE) are pleased to invite you to participate in Second edition of WCE Hackathon at Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli. WCE Hackathon’18 was the first hackathon ever organized in Southern Maharashtra. This year it aims to provide an even greater platform for the young developers across the country to nurture their ideas and building something innovative for good of the community. The event is designed for 24 hours, from 16th to 17th March 2019.

It will be an open platform application development and it will be on the participating team’s discretion whether to develop a web application or mobile application or any kind of software or hardware for any idea under provided domains.

The Hackathon will be conducted in 3 phases:

  1. Online Round-Abstract Submission: The Problem Domains will be released on the website. Registered teams will have an abstract submission with a detailed description of their idea.
  2. Online Round-Skype Interview: In this round, the qualified teams will have to go through a Skype interview of 10-15 min. The major motive of this phase is to check the abilities of the teams to develop what they have proposed in round 1.
  3. Onsite Round-Development: This will onsite Hackathon of 24-hours where you need to build what you have proposed to build a product out of it.


Smart and Safe Transportation

>Traffic Congestion Control

>Accident Prevention

>Emergency Handling Portal
>Private Transport Pooling

Traffic Congestion Control

Traffic congestion is one of many serious problems in our country. Every city nowadays has an experience in population growth and mismanagement of traffic which results in severe traffic congestion. Some cities have installed some state of the art intelligent camera and devices for tracking the vehicle and monitoring traffic at the end part of metro area. Now it will move on to install the facility in the entire metro area. At this juncture they may need some apps that will: 1. Inform citizens about the status of the traffic jam. 2. Provide custom media reports. 3. Let them receive and update situation reports from crowdsourced platforms. 4. Or any other innovative solutions that can be provided to eradicate traffic jams. You can solve a part of the problem stated, combine various solutions into one or create a completely new innovative solution to the problems statement. It is all up to you!

Accident Prevention

The cause of road traffic accidents are, however, multi-faceted and will take years of concerted and coordinated effort to address. Overloaded or un-roadworthy vehicles, worsening road condition, blind contortions, lack of awareness of safe road use, poor traffic management, and poor driver training are among many reasons for the high levels of road traffic accidents. In this situation, think of solutions regarding: 1. Traffic safety awareness. 2. GPS enabled accident reporting app. 3. Black-spot mapping. 4. Crowd-sourced complain app against bad drivers, 5. Personal accident safety apps for drivers like snooze detection from eyelid movement. 6. Black-spot alarm. 7. Route declaration app 8. Or any kind of innovative solution to mitigate this problem would be appreciated. You can solve a part of the problem stated, combine various solutions into one or create a completely new innovative solution to the problems statement. It is all up to you!

Emergency Handling Portal

A large number of deaths are caused by traffic accidents worldwide. The no of deaths due to accidents is increasing at an alarming rate. In many situations, emergency services/ family members are not informed in time. This may result in delayed service response, which may cause severe injury. The main aim is to reduce the response time of emergency services in drastic situations. Using different IOT technologies, the response may drastically decrease. Also, survival chances of victims may increase.

Private Transport Pooling

Congestion in urban areas is worsening, especially in developing countries. This traffic congestion has an adverse effect on the safe and effective transportation. The use of public transportation may be a key to solve the problem. The improvement of public transport performance requires comprehensive planning, where safety and security are two of the important aspects. A system like website or app which leads to effective transport cause with limited resources can be think of. The system will help to increase the use of public transport which leads to effective transport. You can solve a part of the problem stated, combine various solutions into one or create a completely new innovative solution to the problems statement. It is all up to you!

It advised by Industrial experts to use Google map API's in your solution


>Middle Man Elimination
>Smart Farming
>Equipment Sharing
>Reverse Supply Chain

Middle Man Elimination

For many years, farmers in India have had little freedom in choosing markets and buyers for their produce. All states in the country, except three, mandate that marketing and selling of farm produce must be routed through state-owned mandis, retail markets where middlemen squeeze farmers to increase margins. In such a situation, can technology-enabled solutions help out Indian farmers to sell their produce directly to customers?

Smart Farming

In the coming years, smart farming is projected to create a massive impact on the agricultural economy by bridging the gap between small and large-scale businesses. The trend is not only pertinent in developed countries — but developing countries have also realized its immense importance as well. In countries such as China and Japan, wide-scale deployments of smartphones and internet of things (IoT) systems have led to rapid adoption of precision agriculture solutions. The governments of several countries have also realized the need for, and the advantages of these technologies, and thus, their initiatives to promote precision farming techniques are expected to drive the growth of the market further.

Equipment Sharing

Sharing farming equipment is one of the necessary criteria to be thrown light on. Depending on what you are cultivating, your soil, inclination, and your approach, you could be a couple of weeks off from a neighboring farmer that would need the same equipment as you. As such, sharing equipment locally is a very interesting approach

Reverse Supply Chain

Today, there is a total lack of information on where our food is coming from, who is growing it and what is being applied to it. A farm to fork traceability system can help eliminate the complete lack of transparency that exists starting with the creation of a farmer id and profile, farm record that will contain what chemicals and fertilizers he has used in addition to location details and sale details of every transaction. This will help diagnose the root cause of farm-related problems.


>Guiding system for Visitors
>Real-Time Epidemic Mapping

Guiding system for Visitors

The patient in large sized hospitals often feels lost. The whole process, most of the time turns very stressful as it demands the critical time of the patient. Sometimes duty guards are not available and available guards are not able to leave their duty areas to guide the patients to their destination in the hospitals. A GPRS guided Mobile Application is a very practical solution to resolve this issue. A pre-loaded software application i.e. the internal maps (similar to google maps) of the hospital with information of every department need to be developed, which the users can install on their smartphones. In the application, the user can fill the starting point and destination point. When the user moves, a real-time guided map and a voice (in local/regional or English language) tell the direction until the final destination arrives.

Real-Time Epidemic Mapping

We have made tremendous progress in the healthcare department. But sudden outbreak of disease causes loss of human life. Outbreak causes chaos in people to ensure efficient handling of the situation we need real-time epidemic mapping. Integrating epidemic mapping with healthcare support facilities for a region can ensure a systematic approach towards the outbreak. Create on any desired platform which has the functionality of giving a real-time data on an epidemic map of a region. Having it integrated with local hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare facilities to maximize epidemic control will be considered as a plus point.

Big Data Analytics

The banking industry has evolved by leaps and bounds over the past decade when it comes to operations and service delivery. Surprisingly though, most banks have failed to utilize the information within their own databases.

>Fraud Detection and Prevention

>Customer Segmentation and Personalization
>Big Data analytics for getting relevant content to be posted on affiliate or marketing websites.
>Automated analysis for domains database

Fraud Detection and Prevention

One of the biggest problems faced by the banking sector is fraud. Big Data will allow banks to make sure that no unauthorized transactions will be made, providing a level of safety and security that will raise the security standard of the entire industry.

Customer Segmentation and Personalization

The benefit of customer segmentation is that it allows banks to better target their clients with relatable marketing campaigns that are tailored to cater to their requirements. Creation of personalized product offerings will cater to an untapped niche of personalized services that gives banks the ability to create more meaningful client relationships.

Big Data analytics for getting relevant content to be posted on affiliate or marketing websites.

In an era where data is everything, big data is changing the dimensions of SEO and marketing at a huge pace. A major problem for today’s content makers is to find out what people are searching for and what content they expect to see in the search results when they query Google! Big data analysis can surely predict the current trends and relevant content the users expect to see and thus can help Internet marketers shape their information accordingly.

Automated analysis for domains database

Internet marketers heavily rely on domains that are expired and also which are active but might expire soon. Getting the right domain that has a good history can be quite profitable for them. An automated system that can notify them about the domains that will expire in upcoming days and can give insights about existing domains that look good in the future. There are plenty of third-party applications that provide APIs for getting detailed insights for any domain. Integrating that with this automated system will make this system quite a good tool for internet marketers.
Smart Campus

The most innovative institutions no longer view campus connectivity as merely a utility to be managed like electricity or water. They recognize their wired and wireless technology infrastructure as a platform for new applications and experiences that transform life on campus in powerful, positive ways. It’s called the Smart Campus. When all of the people, devices and applications on campus share a common technology infrastructure, they can interact with each other to enable experiences and efficiencies that weren’t possible before.

- Data Management

- Campus Automation

- Grievance Management Portal

- Multi-Channel student-faculty-alumni interaction portal

- Knowledge Sharing

You are free to submit your innovative ideas in this theme if you feel they are good enough.

Prizes INR 60,000 in prizes

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